How the USA Figure Skating Federation Used Political Influence this season

Now that the skating season is basically over I wanted to call out the USA Skating Federation for its constant politicking.

The first response haters will have to this article is “Adelina”, “Sochi”. They endlessly try use this rhetoric as a defensive mechanism. Adelina Sotnikova had the skate of her life at a home Olympics. Of course they conveniently forgot the same exact scenario with Sarah Hughes in 2002 and also how Evgeni Plushenko was screwed out of the gold medal in 2010 by the USA Skating Federation.

I have watched just about every notable figure skating event this season. All the Junior Grand Prix events. All the Senior Grand Prix events. Worlds, Europeans, Grand Prix Final, and now the World Team Event. And using this season as a sample, there was a clear pattern of an immense amount of overscoring and gift podium spots for the USA skating team.

First lets talk about the Junior Grand Prix events. If you examine the results it is pretty clear that Amber Glenn, Leigh Keiser, and Karen Chen were all held up to be given a bronze medal in their events.

In Karen Chen’s second JGP event she had a strong short program. Her long program though was somewhat of a disaster. Her TES score was 6 and a half points less than Maria Sotskova’s. Something significant about this event is because of how things fell, the gold medal winner out of these two would earn a spot in the Junior Grand Prix Final.

So there was a desperation to try to get Karen Chen the gold medal. Despite not having a very good long program skate she received the highest PCS score. The judges did the best they could to hold her up and give her the best possible chance to get gold. But Sotskova did well enough that there was no way to underscore her to the point of putting Chen above her for the win.

No US girl qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final and Karen Chen had big struggles at Junior Worlds which made it impossible to hold her up for a medal.

Now lets go onto the Senior Grand Prix.

Skate America was pretty much built around trying to finally get Gracie Gold a gold medal and to try and justify the massive hype behind her.

In the short program her TES was well below Radionova’s (5.22 less) and Tuktamysheva’s (6.03 less) but was given a PCS score higher than Radionova and only slightly less than Tuktamysheva.

In fact Gracie Gold’s short program TES score was also less than her teammate Samantha Cesario’s and So Youn Park’s. In other words, 5th best.

In the long program Gracie Gold had a poor showing including screwing up a spin. She had a TES score of 55.13 which was well below that of Radionova’s but also below Tuktamysheva, Cesario, Park, Mirai Nagasu and even Brooklee Han of all people.

AND GRACIE GOLD WAS GIVEN THE HIGHEST PCS SCORE IN THE LONG PROGRAM. Basically despite a terrible showing the judges did everything they possibly could to make sure she was given the bronze medal.

Lets move on to Skate Canada. This event had Ashley Wagner and there was an obvious effort to get her as high on the podium especially after Gracie Gold’s struggles at the previous event.

In the short program Wagner had a TES that was below leader Anna Pogorilaya (3.98 points less), as well as, Alena Leonova, Satoko Miyahara, and Rika Honga. But Ashley Wagner was still given the highest PCS score.

The long program is where the more egregious overscoring occurred. Ashley Wagner had a TES of 57.22 (nearly 7 points below Pogorilaya) and also below Miyahara, Courtney Hicks, and Hongo.

But despite errors in her long program that produced a 5th best TES, ASHLEY WAGNER WAS GIVEN THE HIGHEST PCS.

We see this strategy a lot. Hold up the US skater as much as possible so that if the leader screws up when they skate the US skater can be positioned above them more easily.

Probably the most nervous I was this entire season is when Pogorilaya skated her long program knowing if she screwed up at all the judges would have done anything possible to hold her score down and give Wagner the gold medal.

The girl who ended up getting really screwed is Miyahara who should have been second and instead got bronze and this killed her chances of making the Grand Prix Final.

Now lets talk about the French Grand Prix event. Once again Ashley Wagner was held up. In the short program her TES was significantly lower than Elena Radinova and Yulia Liptnitskaya. And also even lower than Maria Artemieva, Mae Berenice Meite, and Hicks.

And despite being 5th in TES Ashley Wagner was given the highest PCS score once again.

In the long program Ashley Wagner had a TES score that was fifth best, a whopping 17 points below Radionova’s, but was STILL GIVEN THE HIGHEST PCS SCORE.

Again, the same pattern of giving US skaters a boost in hopes that the leaders that follow them implode so they have a chance of being put ahead.

Now lets go onto the Grand Prix Final. An event that after all the holding up to get into Gracie Gold withdraw from with an oversold injury knowing it would be hard to medal against four Russian girls with the consistency issues she had been struggling with.

In the short program Ashley Wagner had the worst TES score. But despite this her PCS score was still only like one point less than the leader.

The real robbery here is how a Canadian led technical panel screwed Yulia Lipnitskaya with an edge call which decimated her short program score. She really nailed her program and her score was going to be 70+. Instead because of this decision her score was brought down to 66.24.

Why out of nowhere was Yulia hit with this big edge penalty. Why at this event? The answer in my opinion is because it would help Ashley Wagner.

If Yulia would have got her proper score she would have had over a 10 point lead above Wagner going into the long program. Everyone knows Yulia was very mentally drained this season and had troubles putting together a clean long program. By giving this edge call it would give an opportunity for Wagner to pass Yulia if she had struggles.

Sadly this is what happened. Yulia had enough mental stress without getting screwed over in her short program score. It messed with her head.

In the long program Ashley Wagner had a TES over 5 points less than the leaders but was given a PCS higher than Radionova and only a point less than Tuktamysheva.

The USA skating federation knew that to get Wagner a medal she would have to finish above two Russians. Yulia was hit with the edge call to derail her and Pogorilaya was less of a worry because she had been skating poorly in recent events and doesn’t command as big of PCS scores.

Now lets talk about Worlds.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheve completely dominated the short program with an immense TES score including a cleanly landed triple axel. Yet despite this achievement and a season long of consistency and dominance including a gold at Grand Prix Final was given a so so PCS score of 33.53.

Gold and Wagner who both had horrible short programs with TES 15+ below Elizaveta and were given PCS scores of nearly 31.

Radionova who like Elizaveta was a consistent big winner all season only got a PCS of 31.48 despite a TES 10+ points higher than Gold or Wagner.

So basically in the short program the judges did what they could to keep Gold and Wagner at least in the mix for a podium spot despite a poor performance.

Gold had a good long program but was too far behind to be elevated to the podium. Wagner didn’t do quite as well but was still given a 64.46 PCS, over a point higher than Gold.

I want to go off on a bit of a tangent and talk about US Nationals. That was really more of a propaganda event than a skating event. A big goal of it was to try to portray Ashley Wagner as an elite skater in hopes of getting her on the GPF and Worlds podium and to try to get her even higher boosted PCS.

This season the USA skating federation started to hitch their wagon to Ashley Wagner because Gracie Gold had been so inconsistent and they knew she would have a hard time making any top podium.

So we get non stop propaganda about how artistic Ashley Wagner is and how she can compete with Russians because shes ‘more mature’ etc. For all her faults, everyone knows Gracie Gold has more talent than Wagner and thats who the fed really wanted to push. So to try to portray Ashley Wagner as an elite skater now is a joke.

This brings us to the World Team Trophy event. Its basically just an end of the season fun event which has no real significance but the USA skating federation has done everything they can to control the results.

Why are they doing this? Because they are trying to put lipstick of a pig on the season US skating has had and trying to propagandize that the US skating is on the level or even better than Russian skating.

All season long we have seen US skaters and coaches take shots at Team Russia etc. Do you see any Russian skater or coach talk negatively about US skaters? No, they aren’t even on their radar. Theres so much domestic competition that girls like Gold and Wagner have no sort of relevance to them.

In the short program at World Team Trophy Gracie Gold finally had a clean skate. Tuktamysheva had a fall on the triple axel, the only girl that even attempts this difficult element and beyond that her program was very solid.

Gold had a TES of 38.45 and Elizaveta had a TES of 38.96 but Elizaveta had a one point deduction for the fall on a tough element.

In the PCS score Elizaveta had a higher score by .16 of point.

Then in the long program Elizaveta had a pretty solid skate including landing a great triple axel. She was given a PCS score of 68.47 which was 2.48 points more than she was given at Worlds.

In Ashley Wagner’s long program she had a TES over 5 points less than Elizaveta and was still given a big PCS score of 66.46 which was 2 points higher than Worlds where she had a more solid skate.

And then last to skate was Gracie Gold who had a shaky skate including a fall and finished 5th in TES score over 7 points behind Elizaveta’s. But was still given a huge PCS score of 66.62 which was over 3 points more than she received at Worlds where she had a much better skate.

So what we basically learned is that Elizaveta, despite being dominant all season and winning gold at GPF, Europeans, and Worlds gets really no more PCS respect than Grace Gold who has had a season that was average at best.

All season long it was propagandized that Ashley Wagner was the master of artistry and the USA skating federation got behind her the hardest.

At Worlds Ashey Wagner was given a higher PCS score than Gold despite a lesser skate. But here at World Team Trophy it was Gracie Gold who got the higher PCS score despite a lesser skate than Wagner.

One of my main points of this article is to ask the question, what on Earth has Gracie Gold or Ashley Wagner ever accomplished to deserve the type of PCS respect they are continually given?

In Ashley Wagner’s several year long career she has NEVER been on the podium of Worlds. She has won 2 gold medals in her career at Grand Prix events.

In Gracie Golds career she has NEVER been on the podium of Worlds. She has NEVER been on the podium of Grand Prix Final and has only even qualified for it once.

In Gracie Gold’s entire senior career she only has one international gold medal win. Which was this year at NHK Trophy that she only won because of really weak competition helped by Mao Asada retiring and Sotnikova withdrawing.

Yet both of these girls are scored as elite skaters that you would think would have had numerous big podium appearances.

Lets look at just this season. Gold had a gift bronze at Skate America and the win I just mentioned at NHK Trophy. She did not compete at GPF and did not podium at Worlds.

Ashley Wagner got a silver at Skate Canada, limped to a bronze at the French GP, and got a bronze at Grand Prix Final only because two Russian girls completely bombed and the dubious edge call I explained earlier.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva was the clear top female skater this season. She won gold in almost every event she was in this season including the Grand Prix Final, European Championship, and a dominating performance at Worlds. Basically every major event. The only skater that came close to being on her level all season was her compatriot Elena Radionova. Every other girl was a big step down.

But Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner are treated as equals to them by the judges all because they have a US flag next to their name.

The same thing applies to Jason Brown. He is treated as an elite skater because he has a US flag next to his name. While all the other top men have multiple quad jumps, Jason has none. When he tried to do one in a competition it was horrible and quickly pulled any plans of trying it again this season.

So he is relying on the strategy of keeping a simpler easier to execute program and then counting on solid PCS scores that come with being the anointed top US male. Skaters that do harder elements will more often have popped jumps because its harder to be consistent. If Jason was doing harder elements it would be much harder to skate clean.

And hes only even in that role because the other US men are liabilities. Jeremey Abbott is over the hill and inconsistent. Max Aaron, Adam Rippen, Joshua Farris, etc have never been able to take a step to the next level at international competitions.

Lets look at Jason Brown’s resume. He was 9th at the Olympics individual. In the Olympic team competition he was a distant 4th. Jason Brown has never won gold at an international competition other than Senior B event Nebelhorn. He has never qualified for Grand Prix Final and has never made the podium at worlds.

Yet with this very nondescript resume he finds himself scored as an elite skater. Why, because he has a US flag next to his name.

Lets look at how Jason Brown was scored at the World Team Event. In the short event he was given a career high, even higher than his previous best which was at the Olympics where all the scores are inflated.

In the long program Jason was given a score 9.34 points higher than his career high. Are you kidding me? To see this type of increase on a personal best for an established skater is really abnormal. Especially at an event that does not really inflate the skaters scores.

Jason Brown got a PCS score of 89.14. Hanyu got a 93.36. Now we are to believe that Jason Brown who has never podiumed a major event and has no quad jump is worth only a few PCS points less than a clean Hanyu who is the clear top male skater and has won major competitions.

This is a higher PCS than Hanyu, Javier Fernandez, and Denis Ten were given at Worlds. It quite frankly is a joke.

I really think Jason Brown should be scored more like Nam Nguyen. A young skater lacking top technicality that has never won a major event and is trying to prove themself. Instead its like Jason Brown is scored as if hes the American Plushenko.

Jason Brown was boosted up so much at World Team Trophy in part because they judges did not want him to finish behind Han Yan as this would gain Team USA an additional point over Russia in this team event.

Han Yan then proceeded to have a shaky skate including a fall which left Brown glaringly inflated above him. But Han was still magically given a higher score than Sergei Voronov by slightly more than a point.

So you can see what happened here. By holding Han up it magically cost Team Russia a much needed point.

And now all these delusional anti Russian bloggers and people in US skating want to gloat about a win in a pointless event that contained some bizarre scoring.

Also this World Team event has a setup that really does not exhibit a countries depth well at all. The teams only have 2 women, 2 men, 1 pairs team, 1 dance team.

Even with these small teams many of the countries depth is being completely exposed. Canada has no decent women. Japan has no decent pairs or dance teams. France is below average everywhere except their top dance team. And so on.

Imagine if the teams were expanded to three slots in each discipline. No country would be able to come close to Russia. And the deeper you look at depth the bigger the gap becomes.

Anyway, I just wanted to do some venting on the USA Skating Federation’s politicking.

The constant overscoring.

The continual gift podium spots.

The using of political muscle to judge average skaters like elite skaters.

The use of Canadian tech panels to give big edge penalties to Russian skaters.

The bashing of Russian skaters by US skaters and coaches.

And what the US Skating Federation did with this World Team Event was just plain petty.

In the meaningful events like Worlds and Grand Prix Final the USA skaters did not produce and the problems with US skating are not going away or their deficiencies when compared to the Russian skaters. Especially in the girls.

Exposing the World Cup Propaganda Campaign Part 1

I have said for months that literally every word about Russia allowed in the Western mainstream is lies and propaganda. Sadly I am not exaggerating. Its the new normal and the unfortunate result of the banking cartel and military complex having full control of the West and its obsession with hurting any country that does now bow to dollar hegemony.

Our establishment is controlled by the worst of both worlds. The unholy alliance of Russophobic Neoconservatives and Russophobic Neoliberals. It is now part of the Neoliberal canon to have a seething hatred of ethnic Russians. How liberal of them. This has spawned an endless supply of useful idiots who don’t understand that if they lie about Russia they are just serving the banking cartel and military complex, things they are supposed to be against.

In the mainstream media “journalists” are rewarded the more they propagandize against Russia so they trip over themself to ramp up the rhetoric in hopes of being installed in a prime job position.

It seems like every Western news organization such as New York Times, CNN, Fox, Time, TheBlaze, AP, Guardian, Buzzfeed, etc have at least a couple people on their staff whos sole job duty is to write anti Russian articles.

And then of course there is the numerous anti Russian propagandists who work for the George Soros funded Neoliberal 5th columns and Neoconservative think tanks. There is some crossover of course. Some of these people work in the media but many of these people seem to do little more than spew hatred and lies about Russia on social media all day long.

Just like with the Olympics, the Western establishment is organizing a propaganda campaign. A campaign which will achieve absolutely nothing except make Russia and other Brics nations distance themself further from the West. Even though it will accomplish nothing these people just can’t seem to help themself from spewing their hatred of Russia and desperation to limit the positive effects of hosting big International events.

They have created such a false image of Russia with lies and misconceptions and they can’t stand seeing that wall torn down as Westerns learn more about Russia and realize everything they have been told about it is a lie.

Now its time to name names. Who are some of the people that have been tasked with demonizing Russian football. The first part of this article will focus on three individuals responsible for much of the day to day propaganda about Russian football.

James Ellingworth


Its quite comical and sad that this little prick is responsible for literally like 90%+ of news reported in the West on Russian football. How did this happen? He was given a position as an Associated Press writer to distribute his propaganda more effectively. There are dozens of papers and websites that syndicate AP articles so basically every article he publishes is given wide distribution and not held to any sort of scrutiny or fact checking.

His job is to be as negative about Russia and their football as possible and since theres very few people in the West like myself follow Russian sports theres few to call out the propaganda and untruths.

So who is this guy? Much like the typical anti Russian propagandist he seems to have ties to the various CIA overaseas propaganda outlets and the George Soros funded NGO’s. Digging deeper into who funds these propagandists will be the subject of future parts of this series.

If you examine James Ellingworth’s following list on Twitter its pretty much a complete catalog of anti Russian propagandists. My advice to the Russian government is go right down the line and pull the visa of any of these people who operate out of Russia starting with James. They are nothing but 5th column propagandists.

Twitter: jellingworth

Toke Theilade


Toke Theilade is a Denmark national who lists his title as Chief Editor of “Russian Football News” a web site which magically does nothing but demonize Russian football.

I have been seeing more and more of those type of anti Russian football propaganda websites popping up. This is basically part of the strategy of the anti Russian NGO’s.

Theilade seems to be one of the main writers for this aparatus as his articles are re-published on many similar anti Russian football sites.

Comically, when guys like this are approached on Twitter they say they love Russian football. Seriously, If a person loved something why would they start a website and social media devoted to bashing it targetted to an audiance that hates Russia?

Twitter: @TokeTheilade

Manuel Veth


Much like the previous two people mentioned Manuel Veth is the typical radicalized Western liberal that has a seething hatred of Russia. And surprise surprise, he started a website that does nothing but spread propaganda about Russian football.

The website is called “Futbol Grad” and he lists his title as the Editor in Chief.

Veth seems to be part of the same NGO apparatus as Theilade as they post each others anti Russian articles on their sites.

In fact you will find that all of these anti Russian propagandists are very interconnected. Gee, its almost is if they have a similiar employeer and tasked the the same goal.

More and more of these guys are being as aggressive as possible with their propaganda because they are angling for prominent job positions in the propaganda war on the World Cup that will intensify in the coming years.

Twitter: @homosovieticus

The first part of this series of articles is dedicated to these three guys who are responsible for much of the anti Russian football propaganda in the media. Luckily most of it falls on deaf ears because most people simply don’t care about Russian sports.

But it is an outrage that almost all news on Russian sports comes from individuals who dislike Russia and are tasked by their paymasters to propagandize against Russia.

Should one guy who hates Russia control like 90% of the news that is allowed in America mainstream media on Russian sports? No, of course not and part of the purpose of this article is to sound the alarm and get more people to stand up to it.

Guys like this do nothing but prey on ignorance. Most people in the West, especially America, have never seen a Russian sports event or know anything about Russian sports.

We are already being bombarded with propaganda about race in Russian sports because the propagandists think this is their most effective strategy. Of course few people in the West know there is several black and dark Hispanic players in Russian sports. Including several black American basketball players.

In the next part of the series I will be focusing on some of the key players in race propaganda on Russian football.

An Olympics the Mainstream Media Ignored

You may not be aware of it but there was another Olympics that took place last week. The Winter Deaflympics. If you do not know what that is, its the Olympics for deaf people.

This year it was hosted in the Siberian oil boom city Khanty Mansiysk.


So you might be wondering, why has the mainstream media completely ignored the Deaflympics? The simple answer is it does not fit their propaganda agenda. They do not want show anything that puts Russia in a positive light. And if they tried to demonize an Olympics for people with disabilities they would look like total creeps so they just ignore it completely.

Just as I watch all Russian sports, I watched the complete Deaflympics and was really impressed not only with how much effort went into the organization but with how the Russian people welcomed the athletes with open arms. Russia really knows how to go all out and make an event feel special.

I often say that economic cooperation brings governments together and sport brings people together. This event shows how true that is. Athletes from around the world got to see the warmth and friendship of the Russian people. They got to see Siberian hospitality and learn that Siberia isn’t a barren wasteland of misery as its presented in the West.

And this is why the the Western establishment will never cover Russian sporting events in any sort of accurate or positive way. They have to try to keep up the lies and misconceptions that Russia is an awful place and Russians are awful people. Its getting harder and harder to sell that narrative though.

Because of the Internet and Russia hosting so many International sporting events more people are learning the truth about Russia. And the more the Western elite ramps up their negative propaganda it often has the reverse affect as it motivates people to learn about Russia when they otherwise would have been indifferent.

Just as it will be impossible for upcoming Winter Olympics to top Sochi, I don’t think there will be a Winter Deaflympics that will top Khanty Mansiysk for many years. Its a shame that the Western mainstream press ignored this wonderful event and the great fellowship that took place and the advancement of the deaf sporting community.

On the website you can find video archives of the sports and ceremonies.




Why Russophobes in the US government push to boycott World Cup 2018 is so comical

A handful of the most batshit crazy Russophobic US Senators keep trying to push the notion of a World Cup boycott. Frankly as an American it embarrasses me that liars with no morals somehow represent this country. They don’t understand that the more the establishment lies about and demonizes Russia it just kills whatever credibility they have and creates more and more people like myself who are supporters of Russia.

I will break down in simple terms why these nuts rhetoric about a World Cup boycott is a complete non starter.

– Fox Sports paid hundreds of millions of dollars for the broadcast rights to the upcoming World Cups. A big reason they did this is in hopes of the World Cup in 2026 being awarded to the United States. To get the best bang for their buck they need to foster the popularity of football here over the coming years so that when the US gets the World Cup fan support is at an all time high.

The problem is the majority of Americans do not care about soccer/football. The main time there is any larger interest in soccer is during the World Cup. So if the US team was not allowed to compete in 2018 there would be a huge gap in time between US soccer World Cup appearances that the average person would care about.

That of course is a huge problem on a number of levels. It would hurt Fox Sports viewership in this World Cup and it would be a big obstacle in growing the popularity of soccer.

Not to mention if the US government keeps this rhetoric up its going to hurt the chances of winning the 2026 World Cup.

– The United States would not find anyone to go along with a boycott. Seriously, who would go along with this nonsense? If the US tried to strong arm closest ally England into boycotting a World Cup there would literally be riots in London.

And theres no way countries such as France, Spain, Greece, Italy, etc would ever go along with a boycott so its a completely ludicrous notion.

Maybe the US government could get its vassal Ukraine to boycott if they qualified. But I even have some doubt about that. Theres International sporting events in Russia almost every week and I don’t see Ukraine boycotting any of them.

So if the United States government did a boycott, it would be pretty much the only country doing it which would make the US look like a complete joke. This is the main reason it won’t happen. And the reason you are seeing less and less politicians push for this because they have arrived at the same conclusion.

The United States establishment has zero understanding of how big a part football plays in European culture. If they did they would not make such stupid statements.

– Another thing the lunatic US Senators are pushing for is to get sponsors to boycott. Again this is moronic rhetoric. What most people here don’t realize is pretty much every big company you can think of has a presence in Russia. From Ford to Apple to Subway. Its all over there.

Its a global economy now and companies need to do business in every market or they will lose ground to their competition. Any company that would boycott the World Cup would instantly lose the 150 million people Russian market. So the only companies that could possibly do that are ones which do no business in Russia and have no hope of doing business in Russia. Not to mention irking FIFA and probably losing future sponsorship opportunities.

– The United States is not very relevant in the football world. The sport is growing in popularity here but the United States is definitely not a soccer country. Countries around the world have no desire to see the United States try to use its bully tactics in football like it does in World politics.

Basically, in the football world the United States has no street credibility.

Also, contrary to the US establishment lie that Russia is “isolated” they have strong relations with numerous countries around the world. Most South American countries for example including football powers like Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay have good relations with Russia.

The United States needs the World Cup more than the World Cup needs the United States. If the United States wasn’t in the World Cup, who outside the US would really even care?

In a nutshell the notion of a boycott is nothing but the rantings of insane people who embarrass Americans like myself that they represent this country.

This rhetoric is nothing more than a bad sequel to the propaganda campaign used in the Sochi Olympics. Threaten boycotts. Threaten sponsors. And tell every lie imaginable to try to limit the positive effect of the games. We have seen this movie before and have no desire to see it again.

And in the end there will be no boycott of any kind and the United States will look ridiculous for desperately trying to politicize a sporting event. The more the Western establishment seeks to harm Russia, the more support for them grows worldwide. Its simply an unwinnable strategy in modern times. When you have bad intentions it comes back at you. Its called karma.

Football is much more of a worldwide thing than Winter sports and the US establishment propaganda about Russia’s social values etc is going to fall on a lot more deaf ears.

The more the United States tries to throw its weight around on the World Cup, the more its going to find its isolated.

Russian Figure Skaters Coming Soon

Something I notice is how the skating establishment of bloggers and “journalists” here are so American centric. To listen to them you would think that American skaters are the absolute best and other skaters in the world simply don’t exist.

I feel this is one of the reasons skating popularity here in America has decreased. The establishment refuses to embrace top talents from around the world to try to perpetuate the myth that American skating is the best.

It makes me cringe to see people overrate young US skaters so much when if they were at all informed they would know there is young Russian skaters who are light years better.

The Internet thankfully has allowed people to independently learn about the skating talent in the world. This has led to a growing amount of people like myself that have become fans of Russian skating and try to spread the word about their up and coming talent.

I have put together a list of some of the best Russian girls novice skaters. This list is a combination of blue chip prospects and some I see talent in and hope they can attain that level. Quite frankly I am leaving off this list a slew of novices with triple jumps that would be any other countries top novice but I wanted to limit it to the girls I feel are something special.

Anastasia Gubanova – Born 12-2-2002

Anastasia Gubanova in my opinion is the best novice in the world. She and the next entry on this list, Liza Nugumanova, are generally considered the two best female skaters under 13 years old. They both already have solid 3-3 jump combinations despite their youth.

Unfortunately because of a misguided ISU rule, they will not be age eligible for the 2018 Olympics because they were born after July 1st. But even if they never go to an Olympics they should win many high level events in the coming years.

Here is a recent protocol from Gubanova’s long program. There isn’t many senior skaters in the world who could top this score and shes barely 12 years old.


Liza Nugumanova – Born 8-25-2002

Liza Nugumanova I would say is the 2nd best novice in the world, although a strong case could be made that she is the best. This season she made great strides in program difficulty and consistency. She is also really building a name for herself with viral videos of difficult jumps she is able to do.

She has a very socialable personality and marketable look, which will help her become the face of Russian skating. This is the type of girl the US fed needs to develop but has failed miserably.

The friendly rivalry with Gubanova, who is the same age and lives in the same city, should really help them to push each other to be the best in the coming years.

Alisa Fedichkina – Born 2-14-2002

Alisa Fedichkina is a skater I would compare in talent very similar to Anna Pogorilaya. Good jumper, good look, not a super high ceiling but still a strong asset. She will be able to compete in international juniors in the coming season.

Polina Tsurskaya – Born 7-11-2001

Polina Tsurskaya to me is sort of like a better version of Polina Edmunds. She is a taller skater that is a big jumper and decent artistry. She will be able to compete in international juniors in the coming season.

Anastasia Mukhortova – Born 5-17-2003

Anastasia Mukhortova has largely gone under the rader because of how good Nugumanova and Gubanova are. Shes a bit younger and doesn’t have as developed jumps as them yet. But she does show great skill for her age and sooner than later will get her 3-3 combo. Also she has flexibility and spins that are similar to Yulia Lipnitskaya’s.

Alina Solovyova – Born 2-11-2002

Alina Solovyova has really started to emerge this season and could become a much more prominent skater next season. Big jumper with a really marketable look. She will be eligible to compete in international juniors next season.

Anna Shcherbakova – Born 3-28-2004

Anna Shcherbakova is a younger skater and won’t be eligible for juniors for a couple more years. She shows very solid all around skill and will be interesting how she continues to develop next season.

Kamila Valieva – Born 2006

For the final skater on the list I choose a young skater that exhibits rare ability for her age. She has natural prescense and skating skills that you just can’t teach. At only turning 9 this year she still has quite a bit of time to develop a 3-3 combo.

There is also a great young group of male skaters coming soon as well but for this article I choose to focus on the girls.

The Night Witches – A Story Hollywood Refuses to Tell

This is something I have wanted to talk about for a long time. A true story of heroism that all people should know. And the fact that few people know about it illustrates how Western media operates.

I am talking about the group of ladies who were nicknamed the “Night Witches”.


To make a long story short the “Night Witches” were an all female aviation bomber regiment in the Soviet airforce in World War 2. From 1942 till the end of the war they flew thousands of bombing missions against the Nazis using old crop dusting biplanes fitted with bombs.

These planes were wooden fire hazards and they weren’t even given parachutes to make them as light as possible. But they where highly maneuverable and as they got close to the their target they would idle the engines and glide in to make it very difficult for the Germans to shoot them down.

When they would do this it would make a wind sound that the Germans thought sounded liked a witches broomstick. So they called them the Nachthexen, or Night Witches in English.


In total they flew over 23,000 missions and thirty of these women died in combat.

You can find more indepth articles and blogs searching Google but I just wanted to give a quick summary.

These women were legitimate female badass heroes. But yet their story is barely known here in the West.

In over 60 years Hollywood has never made a movie about some of the bravest women in modern history.

Why? There seems to be two basic reasons.

1. The Western establishment insists in perpetuating the myth that the United States military defeated the Nazis.

2. The Western establishment will never put out anything positive about Russia.

How many movies has Hollywood made about World War 2, most of which are pure fiction and propaganda? Hundreds.

But when it comes to true story about real life heroes Hollywood won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Can you imagine how many movies would be made if there were a United States female combat unit that sacraficed their lives to battle Nazis? It would be among the most overused subject matters in Hollywood.

But Hollywood refuses to make a movie about the Night Witches.


It refuses to make a movie about the Night Witches even though there is an award winning screenplay written about it. Its something I came across awhile back and you can read it here.

That screenplay is amazing and has won awards at numerous film festivals. Give it a read when you have some free time, its worth it.

So lets see.

A compelling true story. Check

A story that empowers women, which is a very popular subject. Check.

A top notch screenplay. Check.

Theres no viable excuse to not make this movie.

The Night Witches movie would be a slam dunk profitable project but Hollywood refuses to make it. It shows just how deep the hatred the Western establishment has for Russia when Hollywood which will put out any crap to make a buck turns down a hit movie.

So just remember the story of the Night Witches when you see commercials for the latest fictional movie of the US military defeating the Nazis. And the endless amount of other crap Hollywood chooses to make instead of the true story about the Night Witches who were hero women that fought the Nazis.


Russophobic nut Christine Brennan is an embarrassment to figure skating

If you follow figure skating then you know just how Russophobic the Western skating establishment media largely is. The two worst of which are Christine Brennan from USA Today and Phill Hersh from the Chicago Tribune.

Almost every article they write somehow finds a way to bash Russia no matter how off topic it might be. And its not as if they have anything insightful to offer. Most of their articles on figure skating these days are like a pointless somber eulogy about how the sport is declining and fatally flawed. Of course not mentioning how it is thriving in other countries. The reality is they are having a pity party because how much the Russian girls are dominating.

Even though they seem to be largely clueless about modern skating, they know enough about the sport to have a sense of how loaded Russia is with talented girls. And also know that US skating is almost completely devoid of young talented girls. They know that this talent deficit isn’t going to be changing any time soon.

In the months leading up to the Sochi Olympics literally every article they wrote was non stop bashing of Russia. These columns really were more focused on anti Russian propaganda than anything to really do with sports. Even laughably calling for boycotts and the games to be moved to a different city all the way up until they started.

They, like a lot of liberals especially, got sucked into the establishments propaganda campaign to try to hurt the Sochi games. A propaganda campaign that was purposely focused around lies about homosexuality in Russia because they know this would rile up Western liberals.

Like I have said before. Homosexuality and homosexual sex is legal in Russia. This law that is always talked about just restricts the propagandizing of non traditional sex to children and carries a light fine. And this law passed 436 votes to 0 and is supported by over 80% of Russian people.

The propagandists kept putting lies out that homosexuals visiting Russia for the games would be mistreated in some way as well as pushing falsehoods about the legality of homosexuality in Russia.

No homosexual was excluded in the Olympics in any way and never was going to be. Its a non story that was made into something for propaganda purposes. Do you think Christine Brennan or Phil Hersh will ever do a story about US lesbian WNBA players that choose to play in Russia? Of course not, because that doesn’t fit their agenda.

It makes little sense for someone so involved in figure skating to be Russophobic. Russia is the leading figure skating country in the world. There is a number of top Russian coaches that work in the United States. All the top US figure skating dance teams for example have Russian coaches. Many of the top young skaters here such as Polina Edmunds are part or fully Russian because their parents moved here in the 1990’s.

And there is skaters on the US team who even though they aren’t Russian are Russophiles who love Russian culture and sometimes even wear Russian team jackets.

So in other words the US skaters are no real strangers to Russia because their is so many Russian connections. They often go there for competitions, and are friends with Russian skaters who they often compete against.

If all the propaganda wasn’t bad enough, what Christine Brennan did was desperately try to get any of the US skaters to be a mouthpiece for her. She needed someone who could parrot her hatred and lies about Russia that would get much bigger headlines than herself. She needed a useful idiot

She found her useful idiot in Ashley Wagner. The one person that was stupid enough to allow herself to be manipulated into Christine Brennan’s negative vortex. The rest of the US skating team had the good sense to not fall for this trap.

If you follow skating at all you are well aware of how big of a moron Ashley Wagner is. She is constantly putting her foot in her mouth making stupid statements, as well as, acting like an immature brat at competitions when things don’t go her way.

Many of the stupid statements she makes are insults about the Russian girls figure skaters. She is highly insecure because the Russian girls are much younger than her and have higher technical content. So I guess she feels if she tears them down it will somehow build her up but she just comes off looking horrible.

If one person was dumb enough to fall in her trap, it figures it would be Ashley Wagner. A year later Christine Brennan in her articles hails Ashley Wagner as a hero for standing up to ‘Putin’s law’, etc. As if Ashley Wagner has any clue what the law is in Russia.

During the Olympics in Sochi Christine Brennan continued to act like an absolute lunatic. I guess she didn’t hate Russia enough not to accept the free trip there.

These Russophobic skating “journalists” like her were also pissed off about how dominant Yulia Lipnitskaya was in the team event and dreaded that she would get on the top of the podium in the singles event. I honestly saw a number of these people on Twitter openly hoping for Yulia to screw up.

Unfortunately they got their wish and Yulia wasn’t sharp in the singles event. Oh how happy they were knowing their wouldn’t be a Russian on the podium. But wait, they had forgotten about how good Adelina Sotnikova was too. She had slid under the radar in the months leading up to the Olympics and nobody really expected her to be a podium contender.

And in immediate act of karma, Adelina Sotnikova had the skate of her life and won the gold medal.

This made the Russophobic nuts like Christine Brennan even more crazy than she already was. Right away she put out article after article trying to push wild conspiracy theories about how the event was rigged etc. This entire “controversy” was largely started by her, as well as, some fanatical Koreans who worship Yuna Kim like some kind of God. Most half way sensible people like Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski said it was the right result.

If USA Today had any sort of integrity they would have fired Christine Brennan. She should have been fired even earlier for all her lies about Russia, but unfortunately thats what passes for journalism here now and is encouraged. But certainly should have been fired for acting like some kind of insane person.

A year later and there was never any wrong doing uncovered in the judging of the event.

And a year later I finally got around to ripping this Russophobic nut a new one.


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