Late this past Summer some ultra leftist blogger in Russia (likely on the payroll of a 5th column) put out a blog with various pictures saying how Krasnaya Polyana, the mountain area for the Sochi Olympics was a “ghost town”.

Shortly after, rebuttals were put out showing that almost everything in that blog was simply not true.

The Western media, that is obsessed with trying to paint Russia and Sochi in a negative light, ran with the story anyway. They parroted this blog and did nothing an actual journalist would do. Offer scrutiny, do fact checking, do any independent verification. Nothing.




Sadly this is how the Western mainstream media works now. It cares nothing about facts, just agenda. They pound with propaganda to try to get as much initial coverage as a story as possbile and then once the facts come out they have no interest in the story anymore and surely no interest in a retraction.

All the usual suspects in the Western media did this and not a single one of these media outlets even attempted to be truthful

The Western elite and its radicalized liberal useful idiots hate Russia. Hates Putin. And by association hate Sochi.

Contrary to the propaganda, the Sochi Olympics were a success and it has forged a solid legacy since then.

It has held a variety of successful events such as the Formula 1, its own professional hockey team, World Chess Championship, skating events and shows, various forums, and of course the upcoming Confederation Cup and World Cup games. I will touch on these things in a future article but this article I mainly wanted to focus on the lies about Krasnaya Polyana.

The reality is the Sochi ski resorts were sold out during the holidays.

And the rest of the ski season are looking at around 80% capacity. And that area has a number of nice hotels.



These successes are expected though. Why would anyone with a logical mind think there would be a different outcome?

Why would anyone think that a resort town that has some of the best skiing in the world, first class lodging, a top of the line ski lift system, and good transportation infrastructure wouldn’t be successful?

Yet this is the propaganda the Western mainstream media wants us to believe.

The Western elite’s manipulation of Russia’s currency is just making Sochi even more popular. Russian people who might take their skiing vacation somewhere like France or Austria are instead going to Sochi because their money goes further domestically.

In a nutshell, Sochi’s ski resorts are not a ‘ghost town’. Not even close to it. This was incredibly irresponsible propaganda by the Western corporate media. They will never report on Russia or Sochi accurately so its up to the people and alternative media to put the truth out.

On Twitter I contacted a variety of the “journalists” that put this story out and pointed them to the facts. Not a single one even replied. They simply don’t care about the truth.