Something that many people are completely unaware of is that a number of American and Western European women who play in the WNBA go to Russia to play once the season is over.

You may be sitting there wondering, why do American basketball players go to play in Russia. I guess the simple answer is the WNBA does not pay very well. So once the WNBA season ends they need to continue to work if they want to make a more sizable income. Basketball is popular in Europe and its a source of pride to have the teams do well. So the teams like to bring in foreign players.

The Russian clubs by rule are allowed a limit of two American girls. A strategy to get around this rule and sign even more is for American girls to attain Russian citizenship or citizenship in a EU country. For example the top Russian womens team UMMC Ekaterinburg has four American players. Two that only have an American passport and two that have dual European citizenship. They also have four Western European players.



Perhaps the most famous to do that was now San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon. Becky Hammon played a number of seasons in Russia for three different teams. And even competed for Russia in the Olympics after she was left off the roster for the US team.

This may sound odd to people but you have to understand that everything we are told about Russia is negative propaganda. These girls that play in Russia are treated well by the clubs and fans and develop friendships with the Russian players. Going overseas to play basketball is something they are used to.

This year, despite an intense propaganda campaign against Russia nothing has changed with the amount of American and Western European girls who go to play in Russia.

There are 16 American women that play in the Russian league. Eleven of which by the way are African American which is just one more thing that shows that Russian sports are a lot more ethnically diverse than people realize.

As I will be pointing out in a future article one of the things the propagandists are trying to do in order to tarnish the World Cup is say blacks are treated badly there etc.

It doesn’t jive with reality though. If you think it was so bad there why would these black American women go play there year after year? Some of which are lesbians by the way. This throws a wrench in two propaganda angles at once.

For example the openly gay WNBA player Glory Johnson has played three seasons in Russia for two different teams. This is kept under wraps though. Its kept so under wraps its not even mentioned on her Wikipedia page. Why do you think that is? Because the propagandists are desperate to not let it become widely known that a gay American athlete chose to play in Russia. This simply messes with their propaganda too much. They tell lie after lie such as homosexuality being illegal in Russia and that foreign gays aren’t allowed in the country, etc.



And like half the other WNBA players that play in Russia are probably gay too. Its not like its a big secret.

This season I watched all the games of the team called Sparta&K. Its a team based in a Southern part of Moscow.

One of the reasons I followed them is I saw the news they signed American center Stefanie Dolson. You may remember a viral video of her when the Connecticut champion team visited the White House and she fell off the stage. Sparta&K also signed one of her WNBA teammates, Belgium national, Emma Messeman.


So I watched the games. I really didn’t know what to expect because I never watched a Russian or even EU womens basketball game before. I of course was surprised how many foreign WNBA players there were in Russia. This is something I never knew about either.

I was also surprised by how sweet the girls are treated. For instance usually before a game all the players are given a flower.

For the Christmas and New Years holiday the girls made a funny video dancing around and having a good time.

I’m sure it can be hard on the players being away from their family so long. But every effort seems to be made by the clubs to try to make them happy and feel at home.

Being overseas for months and having to use things like Netflix for English language entertainment probably isn’t for everyone. But enough girls continue to go there so it must be an overall rewarding experience.

Seriously, try to bring any of this up with propagandists like OutSports on Twitter. They won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.