As part of the propaganda campaign against the Sochi Olympics there has been a lot of disinformation out there about what the Sochi games cost.

I’m sure you no doubt have heard the “50 billion” number stated ad nauseam.

The reason the propagandists do this is because they somehow think it makes Russia and the Russian government look bad the higher the costs. And of course demonizing Russia is the obsession of both the paid liars and the useful idiots.

The problem is this is a very disingenuous number and is simply not an accurate way of describing what the Sochi games cost. To arrive at this number you have to include every long term infrastructure project that is even vaguely related to Russia hosting the Olympics.

Basically almost this entire number is long term infrastructure projects. Long term infrastructure projects that had been put off for years. And now all of this is lumped into one big sum by propagandists to try to make you think that somehow Russia spent 50 billion dollars solely for a 2 week event.

You have to understand that one of the goals of the Sochi project was to greatly modernize its infrastructure.

Lets talk about one example. The highway and rail system that was constructed from Sochi’s coast to the mountains. This was a gigantic building project. To complete this they had to literally drill holes through mountain ranges and build a number of bridges.

Look at the benefit of that being done now. People can now hop in a train at the airport and arrive at some of the best skiing in the world in like half an hour. It made that area accessible to the masses.

Do you think a road that is going to be used for decades and was vital for the long term future of the city should be included in the price of the Olympics? And this is just one example. There were projects even less related to the Olympics that were included in this price.

Now on more to the point of this blog.

The propagandists have drilled this disingenuous number into peoples heads so hard they now somehow think that this is what an Olympics costs and are less likely to support their country hosting a games.

In one of the most comical feats of mental gymnastics I have seen, the propagandists try to blame Russia for that.

Think about the logic of what they are saying. They lied about the costs of the games to demonize Russia. And now want to blame Russia because of the boomerang effect of their own propaganda. Its hilarious.

We have seen this largely play out in the host selection of the 2022 Winter Olympics. That was to be Western Europe’s turn to host the games and not a single one of the EU countries chose to bid. If any of these countries would have bid the IOC would have handed them the games on a silver platter.

Norway was asked to earmark 5 billion dollars. Not 50 billion dollars. FIVE. And the government decided against it because the people had a negative opinion about hosting an Olympics. A big part of this negative sentiment to hosting a games is the boomerang of costs fear mongering. Part of it is many countries are holding out for a Summer Games (which is actually more expensive).

And part of its these very Socialist countries are very soured on the idea of hosting big events. The liberals in these countries somehow think using taxes for things like wealth redistribution is a better long term use of the money.

Here in the US the people of Boston, a very leftist area, are already dead set against hosting the games and trying to block the bid.

When will Western Europe host an Olympic games again? Many people think that Paris is going to get the 2024 games that Boston is bidding on but the same type of leftist backlash might happen there too.

As far as the 2026 Winter games the IOC will probably pretty much beg a European country to host them. And in desperation the IOC will select some convoluted bid spread across multiple countries.

To sum things up, the price tag of the Sochi games was mostly long term infrastructure. This was a lot different than the typical Olympic project that would have vastly less indirect costs. For example Vancouver’s price tag was 7 billion. So using Sochi as the example of what a Winter Olympics costs is not accurate.

The inflation of the price of the Sochi games was done by people whos objective is to demonize Russia.

On the plus side I am seeing a bit less of that on the establishment level. The reason is many countries are bidding on the Summer games. The Summer games of course costs more than a Winter games because there is many more venues etc. So it does them no good to try to propagandize the Sochi costs because then people will say well if the Winter Olympics costs that much than what we have to spend on the Summer games will be even more.

This boomerang effect already cost Europe the 2022 games. Will it cost them the 2024 games? Time will tell.