More and more Europe is becoming a pathetic vassal which is strong armed to make decisions by the US government and Western elite. Sadly this is entering the sports world too.

After competing in the Russian third division in the first part of the season, UEFA has now said that Crimean football teams can not compete in the Russian league.

Lets analyze how comical and sad this is.

First of all everything that is said about Crimea by our media and politicians is an outright lie as part of the propaganda war. I don’t want to make this site too much about politics so I will make this kinda short.

Crimea is mostly ethnic Russian people. Upwards of 70%. It was made a part of the Ukrainian territory in 1954 with a stroke of a pen and no input from the people.

The US government funded and orchestrated a coup in Ukraine out of desperation when Ukraine signed an economic deal with Russia and the Western elite saw it slipping from its grasp. This coup was disgustingly carried out during the Olympics.

There was then an extremely anti Russian puppet government installed that has fascist elements including utilizing Neo Nazis both in the coup and then as part of the genocide campaign in the Eastern part of the country.

Right away this coup government said they were going to take away Russian language rights and started spouting hate speech like “Russians are subhuman”.

There was no way Crimea, which is mostly ethnic Russian people, would be able to stay part of a country with such an anti Russian government without ending up in civil war like the Eastern pat of the country. So Crimea, which was already an autonomous Republic voted both in its Parliament and a vote of the people to secede and declare its independence. They then requested to become a part of the Russian Federation and Russia’s Parliament approved the request.

If you don’t know, Russia has a military base on Crimea and the agreement was they could have up to 15,000 troops legally there. Some of these troops were used as a security force to give the people the protection to secede as the NeoNazi death squads etc were advancing.

The Western elite then propagandized all this and called it an “invasion” and that they made the Crimean people vote this way with the “barrel of a gun”. Which is of course all complete bullshit.

Ask yourself this question. If you lived in a country that had a puppet government installed that hates your ethnicity and even called it subhuman, would you want to stay a part of that country. No, of course not.

There could be a million referendums and the result would be no different. The Crimeans do not want to be part of an anti Russian Ukraine. And everyone knows this but the Western elite can’t tell the truth. Instead they use lies about this as a pretext to wage their long planned economic war against Russia which has nothing to do with the Ukraine situation.

If Crimea had remained a part of Ukraine their fate would be similar to the East. Subject to civil war, bombing, genocide, cluster bombs, etc. That radicalized liberals want that fate for them is sickening. Instead Crimea is safe because they are part of Russia. And if anyone messed with Crimea they would now be messing with the Russian military.

The reality is Kiev basically has pillaged Crimea for years just for taxes and the Russia military lease fees while putting nothing back into it and letting that beautiful area decay. This is another reason they wanted out of Ukraine. Kinda similar to what has pushed areas like Catalonia to want independence from Spain.

The reality is the US government purposely put Russia in a planned out no win situation. If they didn’t allow Crimea to secede ethnic Russians would be dying via civil war there and NATO would have taken over their Black Sea naval base which would further destabilized the region. If they did allow Crimea to secede then we get the situation we are in now where there is non stop lies to demonize Russia and using it as a false pretext for economic war.

The Western elite will never allow the truth on this matter. They will never accept self determination that does not suit their interests. Crimea is part of Russia and that is not changing.

Continuing to try to hurt the people of Crimea in order to sell lies to demonize Russia is disgusting.

Of course the people of Crimea love football just as everyone does. They are ethnic Russian people. They are officially part of Russia. And they want their teams to play in Russia. Seems like a no brainer right?

Where the hell else would they play? For a country they are not part of? For a country whos government wants to kill them and call them subhuman?

After some strong arming from the Western elite, UEFA now says that they will not allow Crimean teams to play in the Russian league.

A comical, ridiculous, disgusting decision.

I’m sure Russia would love to tell these guys to go fuck themself but they really have no choice. If they weren’t part of UEFA it would pretty much destroy the Russian Premier League.

Where are things headed? Is there going to need to be a BRICS Champions League in the future for countries that are part of BRICS and friendly with BRICS because European sporting bodies are being used as a political tool against countries the Western elite is trying to harm?

Keep this bullshit out of sports!

Now Crimean teams can just play against each other. This is absurd.

My question to the people in UEFA. How long do you intend to punish the people of Crimea to help the US government sell lies. A year? 5 years? 50 years? Eternity?