The Western elite is waging an all out propaganda campaign against Russia for reasons I have mentioned many times such as they refuse to be puppets of the Western banking cartel and are getting away from the dollar. Anyone that does that is labeled an “enemy” because its a threat to the elite’s dollar ponzi scheme and dollar hegemony.

The corporate media in the West is controlled by a few companies which do nothing but lie and push the elites agenda. One of their tasks is to portray Russia in a negative way to try to dupe enough low information voters into thinking that their anti Russian policies are a good thing. They want to foster Russophobia and keep Americans from the truth. The truth that Russians are mostly good Christian people and they are fighting the good fight against the Western banking cartel and Neoleft social agenda.

This partly happens in the news stations but since news viewership is declining the elite seeks other entertainment vehicles to inject the propaganda. One is comedy. It seems there is rarely a Daily Show or Tonite Show which do not have a joke or something trying to make Russia or Putin bad.

How about movies. Even in the latest Muppet Movie Kermit the Frog gets sent to a “Soviet Gulag”. Seriously.

And now the floodgates are open with an endless amount of movies and TV shows portraying Russian villians and spies, etc.

If you remember last year the Discovery channel started a reality show called ‘Siberian Cut’. The premise was an American logger that works in Siberia hires Americans to come work there with his Russian crew. And it was marketed as a new “cold war” and pondered how “Russians and Americans could coexist” and that type of nonsense.

The problem for the producers I guess was Russian loggers on the show seemed liked friendly helpful people. This isn’t what they were going for. After like 3 episodes Discovery canned the show in the American market and has never seen the light of day. Never shown on reruns, never re-scheduled, just vanished. Not even a word of comment by the producers or its social media accounts.

Basically they realized the show was making Russia look good despite their best attempts to be negative so they got rid of it. Unfortunately the Western propagandists realized that to make Russians look bad, they can’t use real Russian people!

An entertainment company that desperately wants to be part of the Neoleft entertainment establishment is the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment.

The McMahon’s have always been embarrassed about being a wrestling company and want to be seen as an entertainment company that just happens to have wrestling. They want to be a part of the “mainstream media”.

To be a part of that club in today’s Western world means you must push the NeoLeft agenda and not resist the NeoCon war doctrine. But WWE comes off as trying too hard to do this in their desperation to be in that club. Whether its pushing of homosexuality, “anti bullying”, Susan Komen thing, if the establishment entertainment companies are doing something, WWE follows to try to fit in.

And its sickening to see the McMahon’s try to act like goody two shoes hypocrites bragging about how PG their product is. A product that not that many years ago featured such things as a “live sex” segment, HHH who basically runs the company now having Necrophilia sex, near naked women, foul language, and numerous wrestlers dying at a young age from drug abuse.

Its sickening to see Stephanie McMahon brag about “girl power” and WWE being an inspiration to girls when the main way for a woman to get ahead in WWE is have sex with someone on the top of the card. Please try to name a Diva in WWE history that was not being pushed when they were dating a main eventer. The current being John Cena’s talentless girlfriend who magically finds herself as the Diva Champion and made the focus of a reality show.

What other industry trades opportunity for sex like this except maybe the sleaziest of Hollywood casting couches.

More onto the focus of this article.

WWE in their requirement to be part of the establishment media jumped on the propaganda bandwagon to trash Russia. In modern Western society Russiaphobia is the only type of discrimination and racial hatred that the Neoleft allows.

WWE had a wrestler in their developmental system who is Bulgarian. They brought him up as a guy billed from Bulgaria and paired him with a “Russian” female manager. This manager is an American actress who is able to speak some Russian because in her childhood she spent time in Latvia where her father had a job.

Of course stuff like this is nothing new. Throughout the 1980’s there were non Russian people playing the role of “Soviet” villains. But that the McMahon’s xenophobia is so rampant in the year 2015 is disturbing. Even though I am coming down on them in this article their propaganda is nowhere near as bad as the true puppet masters of the media. Largely because a lot of people will never take a wrestling show seriously.

Really the only time the Western establishment hasn’t carried a propaganda campaign against Russia was the 1990’s when Western bankers were pillaging them. Disney Epcot center even had plans to make a big Russia area in the park. Google it.

To ramp up the anti Russian propaganda more WWE had this Bulgarian wrestler start being billed from Russia, carry a Russian flag, have an entrance video with a bunch of photos of Putin, have a massive Russian flag drop from the rafters when he wins, and have them say a bunch of things to try to get what in the business is called “heat”. Only its really cheap heat to get the morons to do the Pavlov dog response of chanting “USA”.

WWE has given this “Russian” wrestler a long undefeated streak. All so in the end the American “hero” can defeat the “evil Russian”.

WWE even had one of their wrestlers desecrate the Russian flag. After the show WWE issued an apology, no doubt because they got a number of complaints.

It illustrated why this type of gimmick (nor the elites Cold War script in general) does not work in 2015. The world is a small place because of the Internet. WWE programming is on TV in Russia and the online version of WWE Network is available in Russia. WWE wants to be a global company and do business around the world and then have propaganda gimmicks trying to foster ethnic hatred. Its just not good business.

Heres a wild idea, get the 150 million people strong Russian market, which is heavily into fight sports, to be bigger fans of WWE instead of burying the market. Why on Earth should the Russian TV network that carries WWE programming renew the contract if WWE is doing anti Russia gimmicks?

And where does WWE go with this angle after they have him lose to the American “hero”? Just continue the same tired stupid gimmick?

Or try to turn him “face”. But how? Does he fire the “Russian” manager and start saying he is from Bulgaria. Wait, to be from Russia means you are bad and to be from Bulgaria means you are good?

I guess in the McMahon’s odd xenophobic world that is possible. This is just another example of why these gimmicks don’t work in modern times. And probably a good example of WWE now being creatively bankrupt.