If you follow figure skating then you know just how Russophobic the Western skating establishment media largely is. The two worst of which are Christine Brennan from USA Today and Phill Hersh from the Chicago Tribune.

Almost every article they write somehow finds a way to bash Russia no matter how off topic it might be. And its not as if they have anything insightful to offer. Most of their articles on figure skating these days are like a pointless somber eulogy about how the sport is declining and fatally flawed. Of course not mentioning how it is thriving in other countries. The reality is they are having a pity party because how much the Russian girls are dominating.

Even though they seem to be largely clueless about modern skating, they know enough about the sport to have a sense of how loaded Russia is with talented girls. And also know that US skating is almost completely devoid of young talented girls. They know that this talent deficit isn’t going to be changing any time soon.

In the months leading up to the Sochi Olympics literally every article they wrote was non stop bashing of Russia. These columns really were more focused on anti Russian propaganda than anything to really do with sports. Even laughably calling for boycotts and the games to be moved to a different city all the way up until they started.

They, like a lot of liberals especially, got sucked into the establishments propaganda campaign to try to hurt the Sochi games. A propaganda campaign that was purposely focused around lies about homosexuality in Russia because they know this would rile up Western liberals.

Like I have said before. Homosexuality and homosexual sex is legal in Russia. This law that is always talked about just restricts the propagandizing of non traditional sex to children and carries a light fine. And this law passed 436 votes to 0 and is supported by over 80% of Russian people.

The propagandists kept putting lies out that homosexuals visiting Russia for the games would be mistreated in some way as well as pushing falsehoods about the legality of homosexuality in Russia.

No homosexual was excluded in the Olympics in any way and never was going to be. Its a non story that was made into something for propaganda purposes. Do you think Christine Brennan or Phil Hersh will ever do a story about US lesbian WNBA players that choose to play in Russia? Of course not, because that doesn’t fit their agenda.

It makes little sense for someone so involved in figure skating to be Russophobic. Russia is the leading figure skating country in the world. There is a number of top Russian coaches that work in the United States. All the top US figure skating dance teams for example have Russian coaches. Many of the top young skaters here such as Polina Edmunds are part or fully Russian because their parents moved here in the 1990’s.

And there is skaters on the US team who even though they aren’t Russian are Russophiles who love Russian culture and sometimes even wear Russian team jackets.

So in other words the US skaters are no real strangers to Russia because their is so many Russian connections. They often go there for competitions, and are friends with Russian skaters who they often compete against.

If all the propaganda wasn’t bad enough, what Christine Brennan did was desperately try to get any of the US skaters to be a mouthpiece for her. She needed someone who could parrot her hatred and lies about Russia that would get much bigger headlines than herself. She needed a useful idiot

She found her useful idiot in Ashley Wagner. The one person that was stupid enough to allow herself to be manipulated into Christine Brennan’s negative vortex. The rest of the US skating team had the good sense to not fall for this trap.

If you follow skating at all you are well aware of how big of a moron Ashley Wagner is. She is constantly putting her foot in her mouth making stupid statements, as well as, acting like an immature brat at competitions when things don’t go her way.

Many of the stupid statements she makes are insults about the Russian girls figure skaters. She is highly insecure because the Russian girls are much younger than her and have higher technical content. So I guess she feels if she tears them down it will somehow build her up but she just comes off looking horrible.

If one person was dumb enough to fall in her trap, it figures it would be Ashley Wagner. A year later Christine Brennan in her articles hails Ashley Wagner as a hero for standing up to ‘Putin’s law’, etc. As if Ashley Wagner has any clue what the law is in Russia.

During the Olympics in Sochi Christine Brennan continued to act like an absolute lunatic. I guess she didn’t hate Russia enough not to accept the free trip there.

These Russophobic skating “journalists” like her were also pissed off about how dominant Yulia Lipnitskaya was in the team event and dreaded that she would get on the top of the podium in the singles event. I honestly saw a number of these people on Twitter openly hoping for Yulia to screw up.

Unfortunately they got their wish and Yulia wasn’t sharp in the singles event. Oh how happy they were knowing their wouldn’t be a Russian on the podium. But wait, they had forgotten about how good Adelina Sotnikova was too. She had slid under the radar in the months leading up to the Olympics and nobody really expected her to be a podium contender.

And in immediate act of karma, Adelina Sotnikova had the skate of her life and won the gold medal.

This made the Russophobic nuts like Christine Brennan even more crazy than she already was. Right away she put out article after article trying to push wild conspiracy theories about how the event was rigged etc. This entire “controversy” was largely started by her, as well as, some fanatical Koreans who worship Yuna Kim like some kind of God. Most half way sensible people like Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski said it was the right result.

If USA Today had any sort of integrity they would have fired Christine Brennan. She should have been fired even earlier for all her lies about Russia, but unfortunately thats what passes for journalism here now and is encouraged. But certainly should have been fired for acting like some kind of insane person.

A year later and there was never any wrong doing uncovered in the judging of the event.

And a year later I finally got around to ripping this Russophobic nut a new one.