I have been telling you for awhile that the Western elite is already trying to put together their propaganda strategy to try to hurt the 2018 World Cup.

Last year for the Olympics a strategy was used that centered on lies about homosexuality in Russia. And they very well might try to go to that well again even though it fizzled out despite some of the most intense propaganda in human history. But as of this moment, the propaganda strategy they are going to try for the 2018 World Cup is race.

They want people to believe that Russian people hate blacks and other minorities so much that they wouldn’t be “safe” to travel there for the World Cup. They want people to think that Russian football games are more like a clan meeting than a sporting event.

But this propaganda strategy is going to be even less effective than the last one. Anyone that is at all informed about Russian sports can easily punch holes in the propaganda that is being put out. Perhaps they are doing it now as a test to see how effective it is?

Or the more likely reason is they are trying to take some attention off of the many examples of bad behavior that have been happening recently in Western European football especially in England.

Just in the past couple weeks there have been a number of racial incidents in Western European football. Chelsea fans made racist chants and refused to let a black guy board a train in France. Another English clubs fans got into trouble for racist chants about Jews. Theres literally new incidents every week, take your pick.

And then how about the incidents in this weeks Europa League football games.

Dutch fans were so out of control with chants, throwing stuff on the field including a possibly racially motivated inflatable banana thrown on the field, that their game had to be suspended twice. And the week before in Rome they did damage to a hundreds year old fountain and had a huge brawl with riot police.

In Ukraine, the real hotbed of Neo Nazism in Europe, there were violent fights in the crowd and the game had to be stopped by the referee.

Ironically there were Europa League games in both Moscow and St. Petersburg yesterday without incident. Somehow I don’t think a positive article about that is going to be coming anytime soon.

The reality is every country in football has has isolated incidents in their football from racial discrimination to violence. Even countries with a full blown Neoliberal social agenda like England have numerous situations caused by bad apple fans.

So trying to point fingers at Russia is the height of hypocrisy. And only the most Russophobic people in the West have the audacity to do this.

I think one of the reasons the Western elite can get away with this propaganda strategy is people don’t realize how many minorities there are in Russian sports.

Fact. There is numerous black and Hispanic players in the Russian Premier League.

Fact. There is numerous black players in the Russian mens and womens basketball leagues.

So these propagandists honestly want people to think that its not safe for black players to go to Russia when SEVERAL BLACKS PLAY FOR RUSSIAN TEAMS. Heck, there are some Russian Premier League teams that have 6 black players.

The last time I counted there was around 25 black players and 40 dark complected Hispanic players in the Russian Premier League. After this next transfer window I will do a updated accurate count.

FC Lokomotiv Moscow v FC Terek Grozny - Russian Premier League

This is one of the main reasons this propaganda strategy falls apart so easily. Not only do many blacks choose to play in Russia they often sign contract extensions and stay with the team a number of years. They are thriving there. They get no more racial abuse there than they would in many other European countries.

And every one of these articles always brings up the same few overblown incidents.

For example the coach of FC Rostov who made an offhand joke about having enough black players in regards to signing another (Rostov has 6 black players). It was a joke that was made into something a lot more because of out of control political correctness and looks like they worked it out.

Or the player Hulk who for example made some comments and accused a referre about saying something which was dismissed. Yea, he dislikes Russia so much that he just extended his contract. He is one of the stars of the Russian Premier League and has a huge Russian fanbase.

Then there is the often cited story about the player Samba getting a banana thrown at him and an incident during a road game when some fans made a monkey sound. Like I explained earlier, theres always going to be some idiots that do stuff from time to time. This same banana stuff happens in Western Europe. The most famous of which was with Dani Alves in Spain a year ago. Hell, it just happened in Western Europe yesterday again. Samba says he enjoys living in Russia and has signed contracts with two different Russian teams.

The other teams that are citied as the hotbeds of Racism (CSKA and Spartak) both have popular star black players.


As I have said a number of times, I watch almost every Russian Premiere Leage game starting last season and never have witnessed any racial or violence incident. And the way the propagandists are presenting Russian Premier League games is simply not accurate.

They are painting an ultra negative ficitional picture of Russian football to pander to Western Russophobic people and preying on their ignorance because few of them have ever even watched a Russian football game.