A handful of the most batshit crazy Russophobic US Senators keep trying to push the notion of a World Cup boycott. Frankly as an American it embarrasses me that liars with no morals somehow represent this country. They don’t understand that the more the establishment lies about and demonizes Russia it just kills whatever credibility they have and creates more and more people like myself who are supporters of Russia.

I will break down in simple terms why these nuts rhetoric about a World Cup boycott is a complete non starter.

– Fox Sports paid hundreds of millions of dollars for the broadcast rights to the upcoming World Cups. A big reason they did this is in hopes of the World Cup in 2026 being awarded to the United States. To get the best bang for their buck they need to foster the popularity of football here over the coming years so that when the US gets the World Cup fan support is at an all time high.

The problem is the majority of Americans do not care about soccer/football. The main time there is any larger interest in soccer is during the World Cup. So if the US team was not allowed to compete in 2018 there would be a huge gap in time between US soccer World Cup appearances that the average person would care about.

That of course is a huge problem on a number of levels. It would hurt Fox Sports viewership in this World Cup and it would be a big obstacle in growing the popularity of soccer.

Not to mention if the US government keeps this rhetoric up its going to hurt the chances of winning the 2026 World Cup.

– The United States would not find anyone to go along with a boycott. Seriously, who would go along with this nonsense? If the US tried to strong arm closest ally England into boycotting a World Cup there would literally be riots in London.

And theres no way countries such as France, Spain, Greece, Italy, etc would ever go along with a boycott so its a completely ludicrous notion.

Maybe the US government could get its vassal Ukraine to boycott if they qualified. But I even have some doubt about that. Theres International sporting events in Russia almost every week and I don’t see Ukraine boycotting any of them.

So if the United States government did a boycott, it would be pretty much the only country doing it which would make the US look like a complete joke. This is the main reason it won’t happen. And the reason you are seeing less and less politicians push for this because they have arrived at the same conclusion.

The United States establishment has zero understanding of how big a part football plays in European culture. If they did they would not make such stupid statements.

– Another thing the lunatic US Senators are pushing for is to get sponsors to boycott. Again this is moronic rhetoric. What most people here don’t realize is pretty much every big company you can think of has a presence in Russia. From Ford to Apple to Subway. Its all over there.

Its a global economy now and companies need to do business in every market or they will lose ground to their competition. Any company that would boycott the World Cup would instantly lose the 150 million people Russian market. So the only companies that could possibly do that are ones which do no business in Russia and have no hope of doing business in Russia. Not to mention irking FIFA and probably losing future sponsorship opportunities.

– The United States is not very relevant in the football world. The sport is growing in popularity here but the United States is definitely not a soccer country. Countries around the world have no desire to see the United States try to use its bully tactics in football like it does in World politics.

Basically, in the football world the United States has no street credibility.

Also, contrary to the US establishment lie that Russia is “isolated” they have strong relations with numerous countries around the world. Most South American countries for example including football powers like Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay have good relations with Russia.

The United States needs the World Cup more than the World Cup needs the United States. If the United States wasn’t in the World Cup, who outside the US would really even care?

In a nutshell the notion of a boycott is nothing but the rantings of insane people who embarrass Americans like myself that they represent this country.

This rhetoric is nothing more than a bad sequel to the propaganda campaign used in the Sochi Olympics. Threaten boycotts. Threaten sponsors. And tell every lie imaginable to try to limit the positive effect of the games. We have seen this movie before and have no desire to see it again.

And in the end there will be no boycott of any kind and the United States will look ridiculous for desperately trying to politicize a sporting event. The more the Western establishment seeks to harm Russia, the more support for them grows worldwide. Its simply an unwinnable strategy in modern times. When you have bad intentions it comes back at you. Its called karma.

Football is much more of a worldwide thing than Winter sports and the US establishment propaganda about Russia’s social values etc is going to fall on a lot more deaf ears.

The more the United States tries to throw its weight around on the World Cup, the more its going to find its isolated.