You may not be aware of it but there was another Olympics that took place last week. The Winter Deaflympics. If you do not know what that is, its the Olympics for deaf people.

This year it was hosted in the Siberian oil boom city Khanty Mansiysk.


So you might be wondering, why has the mainstream media completely ignored the Deaflympics? The simple answer is it does not fit their propaganda agenda. They do not want show anything that puts Russia in a positive light. And if they tried to demonize an Olympics for people with disabilities they would look like total creeps so they just ignore it completely.

Just as I watch all Russian sports, I watched the complete Deaflympics and was really impressed not only with how much effort went into the organization but with how the Russian people welcomed the athletes with open arms. Russia really knows how to go all out and make an event feel special.

I often say that economic cooperation brings governments together and sport brings people together. This event shows how true that is. Athletes from around the world got to see the warmth and friendship of the Russian people. They got to see Siberian hospitality and learn that Siberia isn’t a barren wasteland of misery as its presented in the West.

And this is why the the Western establishment will never cover Russian sporting events in any sort of accurate or positive way. They have to try to keep up the lies and misconceptions that Russia is an awful place and Russians are awful people. Its getting harder and harder to sell that narrative though.

Because of the Internet and Russia hosting so many International sporting events more people are learning the truth about Russia. And the more the Western elite ramps up their negative propaganda it often has the reverse affect as it motivates people to learn about Russia when they otherwise would have been indifferent.

Just as it will be impossible for upcoming Winter Olympics to top Sochi, I don’t think there will be a Winter Deaflympics that will top Khanty Mansiysk for many years. Its a shame that the Western mainstream press ignored this wonderful event and the great fellowship that took place and the advancement of the deaf sporting community.

On the website you can find video archives of the sports and ceremonies.