Figure skating is not a gay sport. Its not even a straight sport. Its simply a sport.

The Western establishment though has done everything it can to portray figure skating as a gay sport. And the Western gay community has a prevailing attitude that figure skating is “our sport”.

But why is that happening? Well, its just an extension of how the Neoliberal establishment is indoctrinating homosexuality into every facet of society and doing everything they can to make this the new normal and drive anyone who disagrees with this out of the establishment. The gay propaganda is even happening in so called macho sports like the NFL but it takes root more in skating because skating could be considered a bit of a feminine sport to begin with and a number of gays participate.

The Neoleft is desperate for there to be gay athletes in the major sports so they can push the agenda in the sports that are most watched in America. They tried extremely hard for example to accomplish this in the NFL with Michael Sam but he just wasn’t able to cut it as a player.

ESPN had 24/7 coverage of Michael Sam and even set up a staged publicity stunt to have him makeout with his boyfriend on draft day and then ran this clip ad nauseam. Then as his football career bombed he was propped up as a celebrity and put on shows such as Dancing with the Stars. All this attention for a borderline player that couldn’t even stick on a roster as a backup.

The Western establishment is using a technique called “Cultural Hegemony”. Google it. Its basically a Marxist strategy of moving a country to the left from the bottom up by radicalizing peoples beliefs on social issues and making this the new normal.

And they want moderate values to be the new abnormal. And sadly this has been achieved and its no wonder this country is falling a part.

The goal of the Neoleft is to completely divide people on things such as class, race, religion, sexuality so we don’t notice as they gradually take our rights away and turn this country into a police state. Its all by design to destroy our cultural identity. The more we are divided, the more they take power.

We used to be a country with an identity and foundation of moderate Christian values. Now in the establishment anyone that displays these values is presented as a pariah. For example the establishment will not allow anyone in it that disagrees with gay marriage. There is now countless examples of people being fired from their job for having this opinion including some in the sports world. This despite it being a majority opinion in this country and the dominant opinion in the world. Out of over 190 countries in the world only around 16 have gay marriage.

If an athlete today were to make a statement that they don’t believe in gay marriage they would be suspended and sent to ‘sensitivity training’. Whereas if an athlete pushes gay propaganda they are hailed as an enlightened hero.

Sports is one of the key ways our establishment carries this Neoliberal agenda because its something the average dumbed down person watches and its easy to reach the masses. So we see a constant message now in sports on things such as homosexuality, feminism, and extreme political correctness. But no matter how much for example the NFL pushes homosexuality its hard to make football a “gay sport”.

This is why figure skating and the WNBA have become the designated “gay sports”.

What is the result of that?

They have become niche sports which just has a negative affect on their popularity.

The WNBA has seemingly become more about pushing Lesbianism and Feminism than it is about basketball. The more the WNBA erodes the more the women focus on playing in European leagues where the pay is higher and womens basketball is generally more popular. Few people here know that many WNBA players play in Russia and other countries half the year. Including Diana Taurasi who some consider the best womens player in the world is skipping the WNBA season.

This country has a great wealth of natural basketball talent though so even as the WNBA degrades it still has a high level of talent.

Figure skating is not so lucky with that kind of talent pool.

I think in a lot of ways the decline of figure skating in this country mirrors the general decline of this society.

The more the sport trends younger the more Western skating gets exposed. The way kids are raised and trained here has them at a severe disadvantage compared to Russia and Japan. Societies where skating is presented more seriously. Societies that are more conservative in their values and don’t raise children with a Neoliberal mindset are thriving while US, Canada, and Western Europe are falling further behind.

And the gap is even bigger than people think. There is so many Russian talented boys and girls that are rising up the ranks that even if a number of them don’t pan out there will still be plenty that do that will help Russia dominate in the coming years.

And how does the US skating establishment try to fix their falling behind? By constantly whining about how the sport is declining in popularity while at the same time doing everything they can to make the sport gayer.

They just don’t understand that the decline of figure skating here is at its root societal issue and its not going to improve with the direction its going. And since this society does not look like its going to improve any time soon I don’t think US skating is going to improve any time soon.

The establishment just can’t help itself in doing things like making the sport as gay as possible. Why does NBC feel compelled to make Johnny Weir the face of its skating broadcasting? Because hes flaming gay and this is the image the establishment wants for skating.

Like I explained earlier its hard to make sports like the NFL gay even in this Neoliberal dominated society. But in figure skating there is no barrier to that so they just keep pushing to make it gayer and gayer.

Recently Ice Network which is the US Figure Skating Association pay broadcasting service and news site which often acts like a propaganda vehicle for Western skating named Eric Radford their “Person of the Year”. And the reason they explained he deserved this award is because he came out of the closet.

I don’t even know where to begin with how goofy that is. Firstly, Eric Radford and his partner Megan Duhamel had a very strong season and they could have been given this award for their skating merits. Instead it was solely given to Eric Radford for being gay. So this is the requirement for having the most successful year in skating?

Last season Ice Network robbed Yulia Lipnitskaya of this award after her groundbreaking season to give it to openly gay coach Brian Orser. I think Orser is a good coach but how could anyone think he had more of an impact on the sport last year than Yulia?

This season Ice Network robbed Elizaveta Tuktamysheva of the award. She had a dominant dynamic comeback season winning gold at Grand Prix Final, Worlds, and was the first female to do a triple axel successfully in competition in a number of years. And these achievements are worth less than Eric Radford stating his gay?

Heres a newsflash, if everyone already knows a person is gay its not exactly breaking news.

I am willing to bet that the next step is to get some of the US skaters to come out of the closet. That is part of the reason they are pushing Radford so hard. They want other Western skaters to do the same which will allow the establishment to make skating even more about pushing homosexuality.

The Neoliberal establishment can take all the pleasure they want in skating in the West being a gay sport, but the continued result will be a decline in popularity and International competition success. Meanwhile in places like Russia, Japan, China, its simply a sport and is thriving.