Lately you might be hearing more and more propaganda about race in Russian football. The Western establishment is looking for any possible angle to demonize Russia’s 2018 World Cup just as they did with the Sochi Olympics.

They are able to get away with lies and propaganda because no voice that portrays Russia in an accurate way is allowed in the establishment. And they are thus able to prey upon peoples ignorance that simply don’t know anything about Russia or its sports.

The Western establishment wants to try to create an image in peoples heads that Russia has no racial diversity and that when encountering other races just display racism etc.

Chances are most people that read this have never seen a Russian football game and know nothing about their league. Chances are you would be shocked at how racially diverse Russian sports are.

I took the time to make a graphic of all the black and dark Hispanics who played in the Russian Premier League this season. In total 65 players. When you consider there are 16 teams in the Russian Premier League this averages out to over 4 players per team. Also, this graphic doesn’t even include the blacks and Hispanics that play in Russia’s second division.

I could also make a graphic like this for Russias basketball leagues. There is numerous black Americans who play in Russia’s male and female basketball leagues.

So the next time a propagandist is trying to act like there is no blacks in Russian football just show them this and shut them up fast.