Brittney Griner spent this past season playing for a Russian team. That is probably news for you considering the Western establishment media completely whitewashed the story for 8 months

Why did they ignore the story? I am sure you can figure it out. Its because Brittney Griner is openly gay and the Western propaganda media has spent the last few years spinning a false narrative of how Russia hates gays, that it is unsafe for gays to go there, and lies like homosexuality is illegal there.

If they admit that arguably the most openly gay American athlete plays and thrives in Russia that throws a wrench in a propaganda narrative they have put a lot of energy into. The corporate media also wants to keep this narrative going for its eventual World Cup 2018 propaganda plan.

When Brittney Griner signed with Russian team UMMC Ekaterinburg I searched and searched for the next handful of months for any news sites covering the story out of curiosity for how the story would be spun. For 8 months the only acknowledgement that I could find that Brittney Griner was playing in Russia was a small blurb in the WNBA overseas report and a few European basketball fan sites that few Americans would ever see.

I even alerted many “journalists” from major websites of the story to see if that could nudge them into covering it. Nope. They still choose the route of whitewashing the story. Out of sight out of mind I guess.

You would think out of the hundreds of large news and sports news sites in the Western corporate media that maybe some would cover the story. This is how establishment media works though. It is pretty united in what stories it won’t cover and if they do how its covered. It is how for example the recent Democracy Spring protests which resulted in hundreds of arrests in Washington got almost zero coverage.

Its also not a comfortable subject for the Western establishment to admit that many of the top WNBA players play for Russian teams. What most people don’t realize is that for womens basketball the wages are much higher in Europe. The women play in the WNBA during the Summer and in Europe for the rest of the year.

After the European season there is literally like a 10 day break period before the WNBA season starts. It kind of a tough situation. Imagine going through a long grueling season in Europe where you make most of your money and then with no break play in the WNBA for peanuts. And if a player doesn’t play the WNBA season such as Diana Taurasi skipping it last year they are labeled as un-American or sellouts or something.

Now that the European season ended after 8 months there has FINALLY been one news site, ESPN, who has reluctantly acknowledged that Britney Griner has played in Russia.

It is a piece written by feminist Kate Fagan who largely admitted that the girls play in Russia only as part of a narrative on “wage equality” for female athletes.

The story written by Kate Fagan is the usual Russophobic ridiculous misconceptions and pushes the usual misinformation on “gay laws”. Perhaps the most absurd thing she wrote is that people go to UMMC games for heat and free entertainment. No Kate, people go to UMMC games because they are the best womens basketball team in the world and have a loyal fan base because of that.

So after 8 months there has been one news organization publishing one story admitting Brittney Griner played in Russia. I guess its a start.