The Western elite is waging economic war, information war, currency war, proxy war, propaganda war, and sports war against Russia. If you are an informed person you understand why the Western elite is doing this. They are trying to destroy Russia for leading the charge to de-dollarize and for standing in the way of energy imperialism.

This plan has been a huge failure on all fronts but they keep it going. It might be out of pure delusion or they are just getting more irrational the more dollar hegemony fades. One of their main goals has been to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe but this is failing. Every day the Euro skeptic and anti NATO political parties gain strength. Every day the support for ending anti Russian sanctions grows.

The Western elite is backed into a corner because of its own foolishness. It wants things to be like 1980 when they could easily sell any lie before the Internet but it doesn’t work anymore. The more they shine the spotlight on Russia it just makes people who never knew about Russia learn about it and develop positive feelings about it.

Despite the Western media having a Russophobic monopoly that does not allow any voice of honesty or positivity about Russia they are still losing the information war.

As part of the hybrid war the Western elite is attacking Russia in sports. This is just simply a case of pure pettiness and reckless attempts to harm Russia’s image and attempts to harm sporting events that Russia hosts. Its sick really and regular people who support this should be ashamed of themself.

I have been cautioning this for a few years now. It is a very horrible precedent. The Western elite are going to destroy International sports and they don’t care. If people don’t wake up International sports as we know it will be dead.

First was the all out propaganda attack on the Sochi Olympics. All the lies about homosexuality, fearmongering, threatening boycotts etc. NBC even had a 45 minute pre show before the opening ceremonies where they did nothing but lie and demonize Russia in an effort to try to prep the people not to have positive feelings for Russia based on what they are about to see.

I also witnessed Neocons on TV here openly cheerlead for terrorism. This is one of the moments when I realized just how far gone the Western elite was.

Then there was the Meldonium political gambit where US elite and Canadian hatchet men devised a plan to ban an over the counter glorified vitamin that is popular in Eastern Europe to stitch up and defame Russian athletes.

Now there is the information war on the Sochi Olympics medal winners by discredited people being paid to lie by the usual suspects in the Russophobia industry.

The various information attacks like this will continue in the future including a massive propaganda campaign against the 2018 World Cup.

I can only imagine how much the Russophobia industry is gashing their teeth over Russia hosting the World Cup which will allow millions of people to see the real Russia and destroy the ridiculous misconceptions they have that have been forged by years of propaganda.

What does the Western elite think Russia’s response will be? There are people in the Russphobia complex that think these constant provocations will make Russia self isolate. These people just don’t understand Russia and Russian people. They won’t self isolate. They have no desire to self isolate. Russian people don’t let other people affect their emotions and they just laugh off Russophobes as the buffoons they are.

Russia is an open country, people there watch Western movies, listen to Western music, wear Western brands. In general they see themself as European. Almost every Russian person I know or follow on social media takes vacations in Western countries despite the attacks on them. They know these attacks are coming from the establishments of these countries and not the people.

So all that is really happening is the Western elite is cutting off its nose to spite its face. All these ridiculous political gambits just boomerang and cast a light on just how disingenuous and politicized the Western elite is.

That is why President Putin is being very diplomatic and not really calling out these political attacks on Russian sports. He is a master of backing people into a corner with diplomacy. And then people waging these attacks have two choices. Either continue the attacks and look even more petty and politicized. Or give up the attack.

This is the short term strategy and I would say its the most effective response. Simply let the attacks boomerang by being the bigger person. Also other things could be done behind the scenes such as using Hillary Clinton’s emails or dirt on Western athletes as ammo to stop the attacks.

But what about long term? These information attacks are not going to stop. WADA and the various sports federations are not going to stop being controlled by the Western elite. Its a sad reality but I just don’t see things changing for the better. International sports are being consciously destroyed by the Western elite because they will stop at nothing to prevent a multi polar world.

I think that Russia, BRICS, and countries that are allies should put together a long term plan to gradually ween control of sports away from the Western elite. Something that can happen over the next 20 years.

One of the things I envision is for the various countries not under the control of the Western elite to create a new sports organization. It could have some sort of name like Unity Through Sport. And have various cooperation and meetings to raise its prestige.

As time goes on this organization could start its own sports federations. This organization could start its own doping control. And this organization could have its own sports events.

A sporting event something along the lines of a Commonwealth Games. It could start out with a smaller amount of events and participating countries and then keep growing as time goes on. This would then give a sports apparatus that is completely outside the control of the Western elite.

Lets face it, the Olympics is dying. There is very few cities left in the West that have the funding and public support to host an Olympics. As it is the IOC is going to pretty much have to beg and subsidize a European country to host the 2026 Winter Games.

As the years go on eventually the BRICS led sports events would basically replace the Olympics. Each year more and more countries would participate. It would be similar to when China started its Infrastructure bank. United States leadership warned countries not to become members, but they did anyway. And as the US government loses its clout its going to be hard for them to bully countries from joining.

The non Western elite world has to move in this direction because the Western elite will not stop poisoning International sports. Its similar to how Western credit agencies like Moody’s were exposed as politicized weapons. What are Russia and BRICS doing in response, they are starting their own credit rating agencies.

WADA, IOC, International sports federations have been exposed as political weapons as well. But this sports infrastructure can not be replaced as easy as starting a new credit agency. It must be done long term.