Every day the Western elite’s hybrid war against Russia gets more vicious. The latest being the attacks on Russian sports which is a horrible precedent and will make International sports more toxic.

But why does the Western elite try so hard to harm Russia? If you understand how the world really works it becomes quite clear. EVERYTHING the Western elite does is about dollar hegemony and control of energy.

The United States holds its power and wealth by the dollar being the main currency used in world trade, especially oil. This dollar hegemony is maintained throughout the world by keeping countries under control of the Western banking cartel and by brute force and intimidation.

If a country/leader does not want to be a puppet then they are subjected to propaganda, destabilization using 5th columns, and regime change by proxy or direct military attack. A leader wanting to trade oil in something other than dollars has pretty much always resulted in them being killed. Magically every country the US government lists as “enemies” are the exact countries not under central banker control.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Western elite finally achieved something they tried for years to do. They were able to bring its main competitor to its knees, install US puppets into leadership positions, and rape the country of its resources and wealth. The result for the Russian people was terrible and they lived a a life of misery and starvation in the 1990’s.

Eventually Putin became president and he drove out the Neoleft Western bankers and puppets, helped make Russia a sovereign country again, and rebuilt the economy and military. Throughout the last decade the Western elite tried various less publicized destabilization strategies to install a US puppet. These actions were resisted and failed.

Russia has increasingly led the charge to de-dollarize and trade oil away from the dollar in recent years. This has sealed their fate as being labeled an “enemy”. Russia has also stood in the way of Western elite energy imperialism which has infuriated them to no end and has been the last catalyst for the all out hybrid war on Russia that we are now witnessing.

The Western elite is waging economic war, currency war, propaganda war, oil price war, and proxy war on Russia. Their goal is to try to make Russia bleed with proxy wars and create domestic turmoil by destroying their economy. None of this has worked very well which has just made the Western elite all the more reckless, irrational, and petty.

But who are the main actors that carry out these various attacks on Russia and control anti Russian propaganda? There is essentially four wings of the Russophobia industry. These also tend to overlap a lot.

1. Soros Groups. These are the 5th column organizations funded by Zionist Neoleft billionaires like George Soros and Bill Browder.

2. Neo Conservative Groups. They are largely funded by the military industrial complex and used to help push wars.

3. Government Funded. Propaganda operations directly funded by the State Department, CIA, etc.

4. Corporate Media. The presstitute establishment media which is controlled by the elite.

Each day the lines between these wings become more blurred as they work together cohesively. For example, this week a guy that works for the Atlantic Council, a NeoCon group, told a blatant lie about the Russian government that was then parroted as a fact by pretty much ever establishment news organization. Basically the corporate media has become naked propaganda.

With the Western elite waging all out war on Russia this has encouraged “journalists” to behave very recklessly toward Russia. They know they can be as dishonest and sensationalist about Russia as possible and they won’t be held to any sort of scrutiny or discipline. And in fact it often leads to a promotion. Every big Western news organization now has at least one person on their staff tasked with demonizing Russia.

Another thing I am seeing is people with ties to Soros groups etc are being given corporate media jobs to help give them more legitimacy and a bigger audience. Theres an anti Russian propagandist who was made an AP reporter in their Moscow bureau tasked with demonizing Russian sports. I am seriously not exaggerating when I tell you that almost all news on Russian sports from Russia allowed in the West emanates from this one guy.

The Russophobia industry in large part operates like an echo chamber where all the people who work in this industry try to reinforce each others propaganda to give it legitimacy.

The Western establishment is a Russophobic monopoly. Can you name ANY person in the Western establishment that talks truthfully or positively about Russia? A person who would express these views would be quickly removed from the establishment media. Heck, in this country media people are being fired for disagreeing with genderless bathrooms. Can you imagine how quick they would be fired for actually telling the truth about Putin, Crimea, etc.

The average Russian person is a Christian who supports the government. Can you name ANY Russian person who fits this description that is given any sort of voice in the Western establishment?

Of course the answer is no. The only “Russians” given a voice in the West are corrupt fringe lunatics in the Russophobia industry that have a hatred of Russia. Usually Neoleft cretins and oligarchs who raped the country in the 90’s and fled West to avoid jail and have a hardon that their gravy train ended and can’t stand how much Russia has embraced Christianity. People like Pussy Riot, Gary Kasperov (whos not even Russian), and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. People like this are given an unlimited voice to lie about Russia while real Russian people are given ZERO voice.

These people have absolutely nothing in common with the typical Russian person in Russia. Most Russian people support the government and direction of the country. Russian people are very patriotic and certainly have no desire to hurt Russia.

Another technique the Russophobia industry uses is it portrays any “Russian” politician who is a US puppet as “opposition”. They take fringe lunatics that are on the payroll of the Russophobia industry, often wanted for corruption crimes in Russia, and somehow try to present them as the rightful leaders of Russia.

Ask yourself this question. How on Earth could someone become the president of Russia that not only hates Russia but has a platform maybe 1% of Russian people agree with? Obviously they couldn’t. Its nothing but the US government having fantasies of installing a puppet that could take Russia down to its knees.

Heres the reality. The biggest political party in Russia by far, the party of Putin and every nearly every prominent Russian politician, is United Russia which is centrist-conservative, strongly Christian, and enacted a low flat income tax. Putin is a Saint Petersburg politician who is very European orientated. He has an approval rating over 80% and it has only gone up the more the Western elite has attacked Russia.

In the 2018 Russian election one of two things will happen. Either Putin will run and win easily. Or he will retire and someone else from United Russia such as Sergey Shoigu will win easily. The next biggest political party at the moment in Russia is the Communists. Would the West rather the Communist political party be ruling?

Thank about that. The West hated Russia when it was Communist and hates them even more with a Conservative Christian government. That sounds batty of course but it all makes sense when you understand that the Western elite does everything based on dollar hegemony and energy control.

When you are a US puppet you can do no wrong. When you aren’t a US puppet you can do no right.

Its how the West can endlessly demonize Russia for having a basic law that says don’t propagandize non traditional sex to children that carries a fine amount of a US parking ticket. While funding, arming, and having close political ties with countries such as Saudi Arabia that execute homosexuals.

Another point. Contrary to propaganda most Russian people do not hate Western people, just the governments. Hell, I’m American and I show much more dislike of America than any Russian I observe. If you knew any real Russian people you would see they all listen to Western music, wear Western clothing brands, take vacations in Western countries. They mostly see themselves as European and in fact most of the Russian population is in the continent of Europe. They have no desire to self isolate. They have no desire for an iron curtain or something.

Of all the Russian people I know and several dozen that I follow on social media I don’t see any of them exhibit hate of people from Western countries. On the other hand I observe an endless amount of people here in America, Canada, and the UK every day that exhibit an intense hatred of Russian people.

These type of people who are just ignorant about Russia in general are who I am targeting this article at. I am trying to get you to wake up and stop swallowing the spoon fed propaganda about Russia. I am trying to educate you to realize that everything you think of Russia is not in the realm of reality.

Some questions for people who think they “hate” Russia.

Do you know any real Russian people? Do you follow any real Russian people on social media? I am talking about every day common Russian people that live in Russia, not some “Russian” that works in the Russophobia industry.

Do you watch any Russian sports leagues, television shows, events, etc?

Would you even be able to name four Russian cities without the help of Google?

You can see the point I am getting at. These people who think they “hate” Russia know absolutely nothing about Russia beyond propaganda. Some of these people are Conservatives but its mostly liberals who have been worked up with propaganda to be radicalized against Russia.

The real genesis of their dislike of Russia is that Russia strongly supports the family and Christian values. We face the same fight here at home where liberals have turned this country into a loony bin where its 24/7 pushing of the liberal social agenda and anyone that goes against it is fired from their job, put out of business, and generally portrayed as a pariah.

They then try to use these same techniques against another country. This is really dangerous mindset when it leads to liberals supporting the actions of global bankers and warmongers seeking to destroy foreign countries. Liberals must start to accept that if they propagandize against Russia these are the type of people they are in bed with with.

The question then is, what can be done to change Russophobia. The only real answer is its up to us, the people.

When people in the Russophobia industry spread lies and hatred of Russia we must hold them to scrutiny and stand up to them. We must send the message to them that propagandizing against Russia will not be allowed to be such a cush job.

When politicians spread lies and hatred of Russia and push plans to warmonger them, we must hold them accountable and tell them we do not support these reckless illogical actions that are a waste of tax payer money.

Ultimately it is up to us, the people, to foster good relations with Russia. It will never come from the Western establishment as long as its controlled by the banking cartel and military complex. They will never stop trying to harm Russia as long as Russia is not a puppet and seen as a threat to dollar hegemony and energy imperialism.

Its time to put the Russophobia industry out of business.

The way Russia is presented in the West is in no way accurate and every word about Russia in the Western establishment is carefully orchestrated propaganda from well funded entities seeking to harm Russia for dubious purposes.

You think you “hate” Russia? You know nothing about Russia other than whats fed to you by people who actually do hate Russia.