The Western press is so radicalized in their attacks on Russia that they really act as nothing more than Sharks. Once they see Russian blood in the water its one ferocious attack with no room for logic, truth, or reason. They have one mission and that is to use any story involving Russia to make them look as bad as possible as fast as possible.

If you aren’t aware, WADA is based in Canada and largely run by Canadians. Canadian Russophobes might be a better description. It could also be argued that they basically take their orders from higher ups in the United States.

I watch a lot of different international sports and I have seen a disturbing trend over the past few years. Canada is being used as a hatchet man to mess with Russian sports. People will dispute that but its true. The only real question is if this is on their own accord because they are just simply Russophobes which most Western liberals are these days. Or is their more coordination at a higher level.

What really is Meldonium? Meldonium is an over the counter pill in Eastern Europe invented by a Latvian company to help protect the heart muscle at high loads. Many athletes in that region of the world took it because of its positive affects of the heart and gives some energy. Any honest credible person says that this pill has no more affect than a caffeine pill.

Meldonium, after not being on the banned list for several years, was added to the banned list on January 1st 2016. Why after all these years of not being banned was it so randomly added to the banned list? Why is it being presented as a PED when there is not one study that shows it at all enhances performance?

The answer of course is this was done to try to stitch up Russian athletes. WADA saw that the main users of this pill were Russians. As they were free to do because it was not on the banned list. WADA then banned it knowing full well that this ban would mainly affect Russian athletes. They knew by banning it that no athletes from US, Canada, UK would be affected since this is a pill just popular in Eastern Europe.

You might be thinking, even if Meldonium’s banning was political surely with the notices ahead of time there shouldn’t have been any issue if athletes stopped taking it before January 1st?

The answer is no and this is where things get really sinister. The reality is that traces of Meldonium last much longer in a persons system than supposedly thought. WADA banned Meldonium without having proper studies on how long traces of it last in the body. This is absolutely outrageous and reckless.

Then as you saw a number of athleted failed tests because of Meldonium after January 1st. The anti Russian propaganda press had a field day with this and labeled all these athletes dopers and did everything they could to defame them and seek to ruin their life.

Eventually WADA had to do a u-turn though when they admitted they didn’t have proper trace studies and the people who failed the test had trace amounts that were so low it was obvious that they didn’t take it after January 1st.

Almost all these athletes were exonerated and had whatever suspensions placed on them lifted. The anti Russian press of course was much quieter in reporting this. So all of these athletes were defamed, libeled, lost income opportunities etc WHEN THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.

People should be standing up and saying that the leadership of WADA should be removed and WADA really should be moved to another more neutral country. Instead not one of these people received any repercussion for their reckless politically motivated actions.

The one athlete who fully fell into this political trap was Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova, who hasn’t even lived in Russia since she was a kid by the way, didn’t pay any attention to the notification emails and continued taking Meldonium after January 1st.

By taking it after January 1st she made the mistake that WADA was desperately hoping for more Russian athletes to make. By taking it after January 1st the Russophobes that run WADA and the ITF had the legal basis to really screw with her. She was given a 2 year ban. All for not noticing that a pill that wasn’t on the list for several years was politically banned.

The anti Russian propaganda press ran with the story. Labeled Maria Sharapova a doper, a cheater, a druggie and sought to ruin her life. All for taking a politically banned pill that has no more affect than a caffeine pill. This is all that we are talking about This is what this whole retarded “scandal” is about. Not a steroid or something. Not some crazy doping regime like a Lance Armstrong. All we are talking about is some pills you can get in Russia over the counter for like 20 bucks.

In this entire political Meldonium gambit the only athlete of note who really got hit with a suspension is Sharapova. Yet look at how many Russian athletes names were soiled by this. And this quite frankly was the plan by WADA.

WADA knew that a number of athletes would be stitched up on trace amounts taken prior to January 1st and some athletes would simply not notice the banning and continue taking it after January 1st. WADA knew from this politically gambit they could inflict a blow on Russia and seek to hurt their credibility even if most of the athletes would later be exonerated.

This is all part of an orchestrated attack on Russian sports. The Meldonium gambit was just step one of the attack. Another step has been to further the witch hunt and seek to discredit results from past Olympics. WADA even admitted they have given payment to Russian “whistle blowers”. A girl who is a doper and a corrupt discredited lab guy. It will eventually come out that these people are being paid paid a small fortune to lie about Russia.

This all shows how WADA is being used as a political weapon tasked with trying to harm Russia. Sensible people should be saying that these type of toxic political schemes have no place in sport and is just going to affect the future of international sports negatively.

But its as if Russophobes can’t help themself. Its like I said in the opening. They seek to relentlessly harm Russia no matter how much it boomerangs back. Its like moths to a flame and they just won’t learn that seeking to harm Russia won’t achieve anything.

The Meldonium gambit is now done. WADA shot their load with that and can’t try to screw with Russia with that anymore. Perhaps the even bigger casualty of the Meldonium gambit is that doping has no real meaning anymore.

If you ask the average person what does doping mean to them they would probably say something about steroids. Some sort of substance that builds muscle and strength that would alter their body in such a way that it would give a big advantage over people not taking it. Something that is usually costly and acquired illegally.

With Meldonium though we are talking about an over the counter pill that has no more affect then a caffeine pill. Its much ado about nothing. A pill that was banned politically to try to screw over some Russian athletes. The problem though is the anti Russian propaganda press have all along talked about Meldonium as if its a steroid and PED in their quest to demonize Russia.

This has rubbed off on ignorant people who don’t question what they read. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see people on Twitter talking about Meldonium as if its a steroid. Its a complete farce. I try to educate some but most don’t care because they are Russophobes anyway.

So what does doping really mean anymore? If something like Meldonium is going to be talked about like a hardcore steroid where do you go from there? If you are going to talk about Maria Sharapova as some kind of monster for taking Meldonium then how is the next Lance Armstrong going to be talked about?

Because of the political banning of substances like Meldonium and propagandists efforts to put out so much misinformation about it to make Russian athletes look bad its made the whole notion of doping not have much meaning.

Whats next, is Borscht going to be banned and called a a PED and steroid by the propaganda press? This is the type of absurdity that has been reached.

WADA and other Western elite controlled sports organizations are being used as political weapons. Until this is stood up to things are going to get more toxic and absurd.