Remember how sports used to be in America? Young people might not be aware of this but sports in America used to be about sports. What a crazy concept. Sports in this country did not used to be about pushing liberal social agendas 24/7.

I noticed this started to change in a big way about 5 years ago. One of the first things done was to start purging Conservatives and Christians out of the establishment sports media. There may be some left but they are browbeaten by fear and know if they dare utter one word against the liberal social agenda they will be fired in a second.

Sometimes they are fired for not even saying something. Take for example the case of Craig James. He is an ex player that is a generally well respected college football analyst. He was hired by one of the Fox Sports college football stations. Shortly after he was fired because when he ran for political office in the past he stood against gay marriage.

This is how extreme political correctness works. Its all about censorship and thought control. The end result of this purge is sports journalism in this country is really no different than any liberal news journalism. The staffs of sports news companies like ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, etc could be interchangeable with the staff of Huffington Post. Its the same exact type people.

In the big picture whats really going on at the establishment level is an all out cultural hegemony scheme. This is where the elite pushes everything as fast and far to the left as possible to make this the new normal. And then anyone who opposes this new far left direction is labeled a bigot, homophobe, religious zealot, and purged out of the establishment.

The elite is purposely pitting people against each other on race, class, religion, sexuality, etc to divide us and keep us weak while they consolidate power and strip us of our freedoms. Most liberals go a long with this because they have been radicalized with these type of Alinsky tactics. They have been brainwashed to think that destroying white Christian culture is somehow going to create a magical utopia where theres no injustice, poverty, and suffering.

Not many years back both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, looked right in the camera and said that marriage is the union between a man with God in the mix. Here are Hillary Clinton’s exact words from a 2004 speech…

“I believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman. I have had occasion in my life to defend marriage, to stand up for marriage, to believe in the hard work and challenge of marriage. So I take umbrage at anyone who might suggest that those of us who worry about amending the Constitution are less committed to the sanctity of marriage, or to the fundamental bedrock principle that it exists between a man and a woman, going back into the midst of history as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization, and that its primary, principal role during those millennia has been the raising and socializing of children for the society into which they are to become adults.”

And here are Barack Obama’s exact words when running for president…

“I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.”

How exactly do we go from far left politicians being solidly against gay marriage to a few years later people are being fired from their job for being against gay marriage and having their businesses closed for not wanting to be involved in gay weddings.

It gets even more absurd though. Now people are being fired for disagreeing with genderless bathrooms. Curt Schlling was fired from ESPN for reposting a meme about genderless bathrooms. This is one of liberals new main pet projects. They bizarrely think having male and female bathrooms is oppressive and archaic.

They think its the height of being progressive to allow full grown men who could be pedophiles to use the same bathroom as little girls. This is what this really leads to because now any pervert can go in the ladies bathroom and if called on it they can just say they identify as a woman and you are transphobic. Its not protecting Transsexual people, its putting kids at risk.

Eventually states such as North Carolina said enough is enough and passed a law that says in public buildings a person must use the bathroom of their gender. The liberal elite had a fit and declared economic warfare on them. A bunch of musical acts like Bruce Springsteen canceled concerts and said they would refuse to play in North Carolina until they changed this law. Ironically some of these musical acts still play in the Middle East where homosexuals are executed.

Then of course the NBA had to get in on the act. The NBA said it may have to cancel a future All Star Game in North Carolina because of this law. Are you kidding me? Why on Earth is a sports league in the business of economic warfare for going against the liberal agenda. Why is the NBA in the business of pushing genderless bathrooms? If this doesn’t convince you that US sports are now just a vehicle to push the liberal agenda I don’t know what will.

Recently there was the shooting at the Pulse nightclub where a number of gays were killed. Of course the Neoleft establishment tried to milk this for all its worth in pushing the gay agenda. This attack was made all about pushing a message that gays in this country are in such grave danger and such victims of discrimination etc. Almost every establishment company and organization made their logo into a rainbow and many buildings were lit up as rainbows.

Ask yourself this question. Do you think if it was a bunch of Christians were killed any logo would be turned into a cross? Do you think any building would be lit up like a cross? No because that would be deemed divisive even though the majority of the country identifies as Christians. But pushing unnatural sex acts that millions of people in this country and most people in the world disagree with is somehow not divisive. Also, I can name several Christians and Conservatives who have been fired from establishment jobs. Can you name some gays who have been fired from establishment jobs for being gay?

All the US sports leagues and teams of course got on this bandwagon and made their logos rainbows and doing numerous different gay promotions off the back of this attack. This is just a continuation of what they were already doing but now the gay agenda into sports is in overdrive.

But why are sports being used for this purpose? Part of it is sports are just the casualty of everything in the establishment being controlled by the Neoleft which are pushing this agenda. The real main reason though is sports have a huge audience which makes it an attractive way to propagandize and indoctrinate large amounts of people.

Another aspect of it is sports executives in this country are being taught that “philanthropy is the new marketing”. They have bought into the idea that if they push all these various agendas whether it be liberal social issues like homosexuality and feminism, the Susan Komen cancer charity, or forced patriotism displays, that this is good for their bottom line.

Take the Susan Komen charity as an example. This charity for all practical purposes is a scam where most money donated goes to executives and they are never going to cure cancer. But you will notice that now EVERY sports league pushes breast cancer charities hard every October by making thier uniforms, bats, wristbands, cleats, and whatever else pink, as well as donating millions of dollars.

My point is that promoting this really has nothing to do with cancer. Its more about trying to increase their female fan base as well as to make themselves look good by supporting female charities. Thats not to say that there isn’t good work done to support worthy charities by sports teams but things like the breast cancer charity is just over the top marketing.

The way US sports pushes the gay agenda is similar to how they push breast cancer charities but it sets a much more troubling precedent. Theres nothing too divisive or destructive about a cancer charity, but sports being used to indoctrinate the liberal social agenda goes way beyond just being a marketing ploy.

The various big gay groups got their hooks into the sports leagues to propagandize the agenda and desperately want to have openly gay players which they can further utilize to give promotion and solidify their grip on sports.

The reality is there is only so many male gay pro athletes and they tend to gravitate to more feminine sports. In the NFL they did everything to position Michael Sam to push their cause and even orchestrated with ESPN to have him kiss his boyfriend when drafted. He wasn’t able to cut it in the NFL but was still made a “celebrity” and put on Dancing with the Stars etc. In the NBA there was Jason Collins but he was an old player at the end of his career. In Major League Baseball theres an openly gay player in the minor leagues but he may never even makes it to the big leagues.

Now the really big push is in the NHL. This is the league the gay groups have their hooks most deepest into. Part of the reason why is the league is in large part run by Canada which is less Christian and more liberal than the United States.

The NHL is working hand in hand with a gay group called You Can Play whos real objective is using sports as a vehicle to push the gay agenda. Patrick Burke, who is the NHL director of player safety is one of the founders of You Can Play. This gives a pretty good indication where the NHL is headed.

The NHL is even having You Can Play promotional nights. They might as well just be called Gay Pride nights. Whats the difference? One of the things You Can Play pushes is the imagery that gays are being kept out of sports. Hence the name You Can Play, implying that someone isn’t letting them play.

I am personally unaware of any homosexual who is being prevented from playing sports. Why, because there isn’t any gays being prevented from playing sports. No, what they want is to “make conditions more suitable for homosexuals to thrive”. This is just code words for trying to strip any masculinity out of sports and send a message that if anyone dare resist the gay agenda in any way their career is going to be ruined.

Please read this quote. This is honestly what someone thats involved with all this said. I am seriously not making this up.

They are seriously trying to demonize heterosexual males for talking about women and talking about sex with women in the lockerroom. They are labeling this “heterosexism”. What planet are these people from? This shows just how far gone and clueless these people are. Yet these are the people who are essentially in control of the NHL.

Even in these peoples best case scenario, looking at statistics and logic its very likely there wouldn’t be more than one or two homosexuals in the NHL. And they could be a fringe player that is barely in the league. To accommodate probably one player the Neoliberal nuts that run the NHL think players should stop talking about women in the locker room. What are they supposed to talk about, sex with men?

These liberals would label me as a total homophobe but I really have no problem with that player coming out. The only thing that I disagree with is I don’t think players should have to shower with someone potentially sexually attracted to them. Would a straight guy be allowed to shower with women, of course not. This player would just be used to push the agenda by these toxic gay groups and thats the problem I have it.

Because sports here are just used to push the liberal social agenda this player being gay would be covered 24/7 ad nauseam by the establishment media. If sports were simply about sports it wouldn’t be an issue. This is why for example gay players like Brittney Griner can play in Russia without it being divisive because social agendas aren’t pushed in sports there. In Russia sports are about sports.

Another thing the NHL and You Can Play are pushing hard is to have the players use rainbow colored tape on their sticks. At least one team I am aware of made the players use rainbow tape during practice. Of course the next step they are going to push is have the players use rainbow tape in a regular game and after that probably rainbow colored jerseys.

When is the NHL or any sports league going to have a Christian night? When are they going to have a night celebrating the traditional family. Of course the left would label that divisive, bigoted, and “hate speech”. But propagandizing unnatural sex acts to children 24/7 isn’t divisive at all.

At some point there has to be some push back. Many of the players in the NHL are Christian Conservative people. Most of the foreign players from Eastern Europe are Orthodox Christians. Basically I think the saturation point for pushing homosexuality in the NHL has almost been reached. Are they really going to push further with this and suspend and send to “sensitivity training” players who refuse to participate?

But what can be done to stand up to sports being used as a vehicle to push the liberal social agenda? The best thing you can do is hit them in the wallet. Stop buying tickets and stop buying merchandise. If the millions of Christians and Conservatives around this country would stand up their principles and stop feeding the beasts that work against them this country would be a better place.

Honestly, if I had children I don’t know if I would even want them to watch American sports anymore. I have already pretty much made this decision for myself. The only US sport I watch anymore is the NHL just because of the Russian players. I can’t even think of the last time I watched a full MLB, NFL, NBA game. Between the social agendas and the decline of these products I simply have no interest in them. And this is coming from someone who used to be a huge fan of all these leagues.

Once I discovered Russian and some other European sports I really no longer had any motivation to watch or support Western sports. Sports in Russia are more wholesome and without any goofy political agendas. Gee, kind of like America used to be.