Earlier this year US hockey player Ryan Whitney wrote an article for The Players Tribune where he completely trashed Russia. Of course every Russophobe in the Western hockey establishment like Bob McKenzie gleefully retweeted the article and acted literally euphoric over it.

The reality is the article was full of lies, misinformation, and general sensationalism. This exemplifies a bad trend I am seeing more and more in Western sports. Because Russophobia is so encouraged here people know that if they bash Russia they are going to be rewarded with more of a voice.

If a person hates Russia and has at least some knowledge of Russian sports they will be presented as a “Russian sports expert”, “KHL insider”, etc and will be given a platform to propagandize against Russia. They will be treated as a media darling by the Western sports establishment. I am seeing this in various sports such as hockey, football, and MMA. The more Russophobic you are, the more legitimacy you are given.

If Ryan Whitney told the truth about Russia and his time in Sochi frankly nobody would care. But bash the hell out of Russia and magically he has thousands of people retweeting him. Magically the Russophobes in the hockey establishment use him as the go to guy for opinions on Russian hockey, Russian players etc.

Like I said in my article about the Russophobia industry, nobody who talks about Russia truthfully or positively is allowed a voice in the Western establishment.

I will assume Ryan Whitney is not an idiot. He knows what he was doing. Hes a retired player looking for a new gig and hes trying to use snark at the expense of Russia to try to parlay it into some sort of media job.

As long as what is written about Russia is negative it will not be held to any sort of scrutiny. Well, I will do my part to hold Ryan Whitney to some scrutiny.

Its part of the radicalized Western liberal mantra to have this odd dislike Sochi. They have come up with an equation in their head that if Sochi is seen as successful then Russia and the Russian government is successful. So they feel the need to propagandize against one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The Sochi area has around 400,000 people. Its a very long city and the Olympic Park is on the very Southern edge. Downtown is more to the North. The high season for the coastal resorts is Spring/Summer. The high season for the ski resorts is obviously Winter. I’m not sure what is so hard to understand about this.

In the past two years Sochi has hosted numerous International sporting events and conventions. Things such as hockey, figure skating, F1 racing, tennis, MMA, even the world chess championship. And soon the Confederations Cup and World Cup. Meanwhile Boston couldn’t even get into the bidding for an Olympics.

Lets go through some other points…

– Ryan trying to say you can’t get a haircut in Russia shows from the start that this article is beyond absurdity.

– There is a grocery store about 2 miles from where Ryan Whitney was living. Walking distance really. And then several more grocery stores to the North in downtown Sochi. Do you think Russians are robots who don’t eat?

– Milk. Yea sure Ryan, there is no milk in Russia.

– The head coach of Sochi Butsayev played several years in North America and is able to speak English. I have heard him on the bench speaking English to the foreign players when watching games. So Ryan saying only the assistant ever spoke English to him is not the truth.

There are usually around 40 US and Canada players on Russian KHL Teams. There is also numerous Americans in Russia’s basketball leagues. Yet these players are able to function despite not knowing any Russian. Its because there is coaches and players who can speak English.

– Smoking and drinking. This is just a Russophobic technique of trying to paint all Russians as being exactly the same. Here in the West tons of people smoke and US and Canadian society is pretty much built around alcohol. So why isn’t America portrayed as a nation of drunks?

– Medical facilities. The KHL and Russian Premier League football teams are on social media and post photos of their pre season medial exams. They obviously aren’t trying to hide anything. Heres pictures of the most recent Sochi players medical examination.


– Chicken parm. Ryan is trying to paint a picture that there is no Western food in Russia which is a lie. In Sochi for example the big hotels have restaurants that are of a Western theme, including Italian. And in huge international cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg theres many.

Its a snark technique to criticize Russia’s food. Chelsea Handler just did the same thing while doing a show on Moscow. A city with many world renowned restaurants and celebrity chef brands like Nobu, Jamie Oliver etc and she says she can’t get a decent meal.

– Breakfast sandwiches. Well, where do you go for a breakfast sandwich? A fast food restaurant. Russia has 641 Subways, 510 McDonalds, 300+ Burger Kings, 87 Starbucks. His beloved Boston Dunkin Donuts has even expanded into Russia building 31 stores in Moscow.

But perhaps the thing that made me most angry is something Ryan tweeted over a year ago. I’m the type of person with a long memory and I have been sitting on this a year for the right time to use it against him. He tried to tell people on Twitter that Russia doesn’t decorate for the holidays. Russia’s Santa Claus holiday is New Years day and the decor for it goes up pretty early in December. January 7th is the religious holiday.


Everywhere you go in Russia, the city square, shopping malls, hotels, etc will have a Christmas/New Years tree. In Red Square in Moscow, the most visited place in all of Russia, there is a huge amount of decorations. And unlike here they can write Christmas on cups. See some pictures below.


And how about in Sochi where Ryan Whitney was. I saved these pictures from the holiday season he was there. Decorated trees in hotels, malls, etc and even a gigantic tree that was steps away from the arena where the Sochi team plays. How in the hell could Ryan Whitney not notice a huge tree steps from the arena he played his games in?


I don’t know what is more disturbing to me. That he makes such untrue statements or that morons will believe things so easily disproved. Simply search Instagram for any location in Russia and you can see the decorations.

I knew when Sochi signed him it was a mistake because hes a snarky Northeast liberal and went there with the attitude of goofing on Russia. To make Whitney feel at home, a Irish Pub in Sochi (yet another Western theme restaurant Ryan won’t tell you about) did a meet and great with Ryan Whitney where the people asked their questions in English.

And how does Ryan Whitney repay them. Trash their country and city and tell ridiculous lies to appeal to Russophobes in the Western hockey establishment.