Words really cannot express just how much I respect Yelena Isinbayeva. She is a strong, courageous, godly woman. In this world theres few people who are truly role models, she is one of them.

As part of the hybrid war on Russia there have been the various attacks on their sports. Organizations like WADA and the IAAF are run by the Russophobe establishment who are using them as geopolitical tools to mess with Russia.

Throughout this whole political witchhunt Isinbayeva has been a model of class and has calmly and boldly stood up and called out the attacks on Russian sports for what they are.

One of the things the Russophobic IAAF has done is to say they won’t let Russians compete under a Russian flag. Isinbayeva firmly responded that she will either compete under a Russian flag or not at all. The reaction that any patriot with an ounce of self respect would have.

The latest absurd political move by the IAAF is to reject the individual appeals of Russian athletes except for two.

1. Yuliya Stepanova, a doper being paid to lie about Russia who is being used as a political tool.

2. Darya Klishina who trains in the United States.

Russian athletes who have never failed any sort of doping test are being excluded from the Olympics for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

After the news broke that Darya Klishina would be allowed to compete “under a neutral flag” (at least according to the IAAF, I’m not sure if they have that authority), Klishina posted a statement. Frankly it reads like it was written by her agent but lets assume she wrote it. Even if she didn’t write it she posted it and is endorsing it.

“The news that I am allowed to participate in all international events and also 2016 Olympics in Rio came today late in the night. I am really happy. At this point I would like to thank IAAF for its expert decision and, of course, my very professional WME-IMG team, my agents Alexei Nikolaev and Olivier van Lindonk, and my sponsors Nike, Seiko and Skullcandy who supported me during all this time. And my special thanks goes to my outstanding coach and great person Loren Seagrave without whom my career simply would not be possible. Also, I appreciate every effort of IMG Academy and its staff to create the best possible, safe and clean environment for me.”

This is absolutely pathetic. Her response SHOULD be that she does not agree with the politicized decision to ban clean Russian athletes. Her response SHOULD be that she will either compete under a Russian flag or not at all.

Instead she is THANKING the IAAF as they issue a ridiculous political decision that is screwing over her countrymen such as Isinbayeva.

All you can really take from this statement is that Darya Klishina only cares about herself. Quite frankly she is spitting on her country all because that is whats best for her pocket book and her sponsors.

Part of this is her sponsors and handlers are trying to distance her from Russia, but she has to get a set of balls and stand up for whats right.

In the past I was never that much of a Maria Sharapova fan. I thought she was a sellout and often times just cared about her marketing and selling overpriced candy than she did about her country. But the way she was screwed over by the Meldonium political gambit made me want to fight for her. And at the end of the day Maria Sharapova has had Russia’s back and has never spit on Russia.

Darya Klishina on the other hand has. As some have suggested she might as well just get United States citizenship now. She pretty much won’t be able to show her face in Russia if she competes under a IOC flag.

To try to save face Darya later posted another message but only in Russian that translate as…

“Dear friends, now more than ever, we need your support. No one shouldn’t give up, and we should wait for the upcoming decision of the court and hope that it will be in favour of Russian athletes and that after all, our team will be able to go to the Olympics in Rio.”

Its like she is living some sort of double life. In her English message she completely disrespected Russia and showed her true selfish colors. Then in Russian she is going to feign support for the Russian athletes. Whatever.

If you want to support the Russian athletes then stand up for them by calling out the IAAF politics. If you want to support the Russian athletes then refuse to compete under a neutral flag.

In Russian sports history Yelena Isinbayeva will always be idolized and remembered fondly for her amazing achievements in competition and for being an amazing person. Darya Klishina will go down as nothing more than a selfish sell out who didn’t have the balls to stand up when her country needed her.