The other day I was thinking about whether any event in human history has faced more propaganda attacks than the Sochi Olympics. Its hard to think of any especially in the sports world.

The Western elite has done everything they possibly can to try to harm the Sochi games as part of its hybrid war against Russia for de-dollorizing and standing in the way of energy imperialism.

After numerous propaganda attacks against Sochi they are still coming up with new attacks. This time a scheme to try to discredit the Russian medal winners. With as disgusting as the prior attacks were I guess this should really not be a surprise.

These same people who are so petty they fixed a Eurovision song contest so Russia wouldn’t win are now waging all out propaganda attacks on Russian sports.

This propaganda backed by Russophobic politicians, the corporoate media, Soros groups, and sports organizations that are run by the West and being used as geopolitical weapons.

Grigory Rodchenkov is a discredited corrupt con man who has no credibility. But because hes being paid by the Russophobia industry to lie and demonize Russia he is given an endless voice and the mirage of credibility. And many people in the West are so radicalized to hate Russia and ignorant that they would believe any lie about Russia without even thinking to hold it up to scrutiny.

Why after months of being under control of his paymasters in the Russophobia industry would he put out a ludicrous story about an elaborate scheme to allow Sochi medal winners to dope. Hmm, its almost as if the story was concocted by other people and put into his mouth to try to make it seem credible.

Then WADA, which is a high Russophobic politicized organization complicit in the hybrid war on Russian sports, says they are going to have an ‘independent investigation’. How is that even possible with how biased they are?

I can only imagine what lies will come out when this report is given. If I had to guess they will say stuff like theres “irregularities” and “suspicion” to cast a shadow of guilt on Russia with no real evidence. Kind of like the farce report from the UK when they said that the Kremlin “probably” killed Litvinenko even though theres zero evidence of that.

This Sochi medal winners attack seems like it will be the last political gambit against Russian sports for at least a little while. What more can be done? The Meldonium gambit is over. Russia’s testing has been handled by others for months. The “whistleblowers” on the Russophobia industry payroll haven’t been in Russia for 2 years and have exhausted their usefulness. Russia is hyper aware of these attacks on their sports and aren’t going to be caught flat footed.

But what are some of the other propaganda attacks on the Sochi Olympics. Lets go over some…

– The lies about homosexuality in Russia. This was made the tip of the spear of the propaganda attacks on Russia because it played well with Western liberals who are obsessed with pushing homosexuality and it made them useful idiots in the hybrid attack on Russia.

Russia has a simple law that says don’t propagandize nontraditonal sex to children. It carries a fine amount of that of a parking ticket. Homosexuality is not illegal in Russia. Homosexual sex is not illegal in Russia. And this law was largely just passed to help put a lid on Soros groups trying to start trouble there.

Instead the propaganda press constantly billed this as “Putin’s anti gay laws”, even though it passed 400+ votes to zero in their Parliament and poll after poll shows over 80% of Russians support the law.

An endless amount of Western politicians, propagandists, and “journalists” put out an ocean of lies about all this and tried to paint a picture that athletes would not be safe in Russia and they would be ‘thrown in prison’. Obviously none of this happened and was pure fiction.

To further try to cement these lies Barack Obama sent a group of homosexuals as its VIP delegation which just made this country look like a petty politicized joke.

Notice how now you really hear nothing about this. It was always much ado about nothing. Russia is a moderate Christian country and far more tolerant than US allies which execute homosexuals. Gay musicians like Adam Lambert, Elton John, Ricky Martin do concerts in Russia. Gay athletes play in Russia’s sports leagues.

– For a couple years the Russophobia industry kept pushing the notion of a boycott. That Russia is so horrible that you couldn’t possibly have a sporting event there (even though Russia hosts tons of International sporting events). US politicians, the Soros group, etc pushed this all the way to the start of the games as part of the effort to demonize Russia. Something that wasn’t going to materialize because the US government had a hard time getting anyone to go along with it.

These same entities also pushed hard for a sponsor boycott. Something that wasn’t going to materialize because global companies like Coke aren’t going to lose their marketshare in a country with 150 million people just to please Russophobes pushing lies.

Even though none of this was going to realistically happen it was presented by the Russophobia industry as if these boycotts were on the cusp of happening to cast doubt on the games.

– Prior to the Opening Ceremony NBC had a 45 minute pre show where they did nothing but lie and demonize Russia in an attempt to condition people not to have positive feelings about Russia based on what they were about to see. Other Western elite countries such as Canada and England ran a ridiculous propaganda documentary on homosexuality in Russia prior to the Opening Ceremony.

Can you see how absolutely bizarre and petty that is? Imagine if America was hosting the Olympics and prior to the opening ceremony Russian television had a pre show where America was demonized and lied about including by the president. Imagine if prior to the opening ceremony Russia ran a propaganda documentary about the death penalty, gun violence, racial division, or whatever aspect of America that can be construed in a negative way as possible.

The NBC opening ceremony broadcast team included lunatic Russophobes that did nothing but bash Russia the whole show and made it basically unwatchable. Thankfully I watched it live on video feeds from other parts of the world.

Between the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics and Paralympics Russia put on around 8 hours of the greatest live shows in history. And what is the one thing about them that is ever shown or talked about? A 10 second ring malfunction that was the fault of an Irish guy.

Toward the end of the games notorious Russophobe Bob Costas went on a bizarre rant on Russia on NBC. What place does this have in sports? And what was the final thing said on NBC as the closing ceremonies went off the air? Chris Collingsworth snarkily saying “they pulled it off”. Screw you.

– The Western elite waged a fear and scare mongering campaign to try to hurt the games. The entire Western establishment put out a massive amount of information saying there would be a terrorist attack in Sochi. Not just a possibility but that there WOULD be a terrorist attack. That it was inevitable and people shouldn’t attend the games. I’m sure you remember the ridiculous magazine covers saying stuff like “Shades of Munich” etc.

If that wasn’t bad enough there was a number of Neocon Russophobes like Bill O’Reilly who openly cheerleaded for terrorism. I could hardly believe what I was hearing and this is one of the moments that made me stop watching US news.

This propaganda continued up to and through the games and US “security experts” said that Sochi Olympic Park was infiltrated by “black widow terrorists” and the US Department of State put out travel warnings.

I knew there would be no terrorist attack in Sochi and will tell you why. Part of the reason is Russia’s top security but the bigger reason is that the Islamic terrorists in Russia’s Caucus region are on the CIA payroll. If they had done something and killed Westerners the West would demand retribution on them. This would have then given the Russian government a free hand to wipe out these Western assets as well as make Russia a sympathetic figure.

Here we are two years later and there has never been a terrorist attack in Sochi. Meanwhile Boston which was originally the US pick for the 2024 bid had the marathon bombing, and Paris another 2024 contender has had numerous attacks. Also the 1996 games in Atlanta had a terrorist attack.

– When none of the things the propaganda press was pushing bore fruit they turned to other absurd things for a story. One of which was freaking out because the furnishings of some of the media hotels were not fully finished. When hosting an Olympics the media hotels is about the least important thing. The venues, athletes village, guest hotels, security, etc are the most important things.

A media hotel room being without a lampshade or shower curtain is not that pressing of an issue. Frankly there is way too much media that comes. Why are thousands of journalists needed to cover the same event. The Western elite sent an army of propagandists to look for any invented reason to demonize Russia. This isn’t journalism.

– Another invented topic was to try to demonize Russia for removing stray dogs from the Olympic areas. As the area went to construction years ago some people left dogs behind for whatever reason and dogs of course reproduce a lot. This then makes the stray population grow out of control.

Because the propaganda press was so desperate for a story they started focusing on this dog issue in attempt to portray Russia as backward cavemen that can’t take care of dogs. Western Russophobes then engineered sending some dogs to America, etc trying to paint an image of saving dogs from those nasty Russians.

According to the ASPCA, 1.2 million dogs were put to sleep in American shelters last year. So heres an idea. If you want to save a dog go down to your local shelter where dozens are killed every week instead of shipping a dog half way around the world as part of a goofy propaganda scheme.

– Then there has been the propaganda about the costs of the games to paint Russia as corrupt. The propaganda press constantly puts out this “50 billion” number which is completely disingenuous. To try to arrive at this sort of number you have to include tons of long term infrastructure projects which have even the faintest relationship to the Olympics.

The boomerang of this propaganda is now the people in the West are completely against hosting an Olympics, especially a Winter Olympics, because they think it costs so much. The reality is hosting a Winter Olympics costs around 5 billion but the Western European countries can’t even sell that amount to the public anymore.

– And of course there is the propaganda about the legacy of the venues. It seems like once a year a propagandist takes photos of the Olympic Park during the offseason in the coldest month of the year in the early morning and then declares its a “ghost town” or something. Then all of the Western media parrots these kinds of stories without holding it to any sort of scrutiny.

This can be sold to people because of the Russophobia hysteria and pure ignorance. The Sochi area has around 400,000 people and the Olympic Park is on the very Southern edge of the city while the downtown area is more to the north. The high season for the coastal resorts is like May – September.

The high season for the ski resorts is of course the Winter ski season. The occupancy of the Sochi resorts has been further boosted by the attacks on the ruble which makes it cheaper to take domestic vacations.

The propaganda attacks on Sochi will sadly continue because the Russophobia industry and liberal useful idiots think hurting Sochi hurts the government. And with hosting the Confederations Cup and World Cup its just going to make the Western elite prepare new attacks.