Today the “independent” report written by Canadian Richard McClaren came out which had the expected accusations about Russian sports. And of course the Russophobia industry is loving pushing everything he said as a fact with no scrutiny.

The reality is though this report is just taking the statements of Rodchenkov, a discredited conman, and dressing them up in a way to make them seem factual and credible with a lot of speculation and little real evidence.

A good defense attorney would tear this apart in a court of law. But this report isn’t going to be in a court. Instead its just in the court of opinion and being pushed as rock solid as part of the geopolitical war on Russian sports. WADA is a politicized organization run by Canadian Russophobes who will never show any objectivity.

How is it that the day before the report even came out the US and Canadian doping agencies put out a letter calling for a blanket ban of Russian athletes at Rio? It could be that it was leaked to them. Or they simply knew the obvious that it would be a political farce of just be parroting the statements of Rodchenkov. Its not like theres any other “evidence”.

How is it that right after this flimsy report was released WADA put out a long statement recommending that Russia be blanket banned from the Olympics. Including by Russophobe Beckie Scott who is supposed to be representing the rights of clean athletes.

This report is not worth the paper its written on and is just a political hatchet job to try to accomplish the goal of getting Russia banned from the Olympics. A plan the US, Canada, UK, are complicit in.

This presentation reminded me of Colin Powell at the UN holding up a test tube saying that Iraq had WMD and we must invade them.

US, Canada, UK’s absurd petty political gambit has now put the IOC in an incredibly shitty position.

The IOC members now have two choices.

1. Resist this political pressure and NOT ban the Russian team. The IOC will then be trashed by US, Canada, UK and called corrupt and everything else.

2. Cave into the political pressure and ban the Russian team. The IOC knows this would do irreparable harm to international sports and the Olympics. It would be full confirmation that the Western establishment is using sports federations as geopolitical weapons. This would lead to a big blowback, including lawsuits.

The way this report was written and its timing shows that this is an orchestrated political attack on Russian sports. Its just a continuation of various attacks such as the Meldonium gambit. All these things were done by design out of pettiness to wage hybrid war on Russian sports and seek to recklessly humiliate them. All with seemingly no sense or care of what the consequences would be.

Eventually as this report is more heavily scrutinized it will be shown that it simply has little evidence. Much like invading Iraq, after the fact the truth will come out and if Russia is banned it will be shown how incredibly stupid of a decision that was. And there will be no way to repair the damaged.

Also consider this. Its very likely it will come out that Rodchenkov is being paid a small fortune by the usual suspects in the Russophobia industry. This will show that hes been bought and paid for by people that hate Russia which would further damage the credibility of this report.

The IOC must stand up to the absurd hybrid war on sports waged by the US, Canada, UK. Banning clean Russian athletes makes absolutely no sense. How can you ban a rhythmic gymnast based on speculation that a bobsleddder doped? Its absurd.

The IOC cannot give into the pressure of groups so radicalized in their hatred of Russia that they want to ban athletes for no other reason than the country they come from.

If the IOC gives into this pressure and blanket bans Russia it will set in motion a course that will forever change international sports. Countries outside of the Western elite will push toward developing a sports infrastructure outside the control of the Western elite. Countries like China will know they will be the next in line for a hybrid war on their sports.

US, Canada, UK are going to destroy International sports if not put in check. Will they be allowed to or will sensible minds stand up for whats right.