Something I admire about Russian people is they don’t let other people affect their emotions. They are very secure in themself and their usual response to Russophobia is to pay it no mind or laugh it off.

This approach is generally effective and most attacks on Russia just boomerang back. The problem I am seeing though is Russia is constantly being caught flat footed and hurt by not being more proactive against attacks.

Part of this is a naivety that Russians seem to have that if they be the bigger man and show diplomacy that this will somehow lead to goodwill and the Western elite will stop their attacks. That strategy obviously isn’t working. Russia and the Russian people need to fully understand that the Western elite will never stop trying to harm Russia as long as its a sovereign country and does not bow down to dollar hegemony and energy imperialism.

These forces in the Western elite will not stop their attacks on Russia. So what is the better response. To just take their attacks over and over like some sort of cuckold man or be much more firm in proactively going after the attacks.

Lets look at how this applies to various attacks on Russian sports. As I detailed in a recent article the propaganda attacks on the Sochi games was one of the biggest in human history. Surely Russian leadership knew that would be coming? So why not be more prepared for it and fight against it? But for the purposes of this article I want to more focus of the events of the last year.

WADA came up with a political gambit to ban Meldonium in an effort to stitch up Russian athletes. WADA is run by Canadian Russophoboes who basically take their orders from the US elite.

Back in the Fall when WADA was in the process of banning Meldonium Russia should have been shouting from the mountain top that this was politically banned and some athletes would fail a test on small traces. Russia should have right away been putting out an information portal giving the facts about Meldonium. That traces last a long time. That it was banned only because it was popular in Russia. That theres no studies that show its a PED. That it has no more effect than a caffeine pill.

All of these things would have softened the blow and then when athletes failed test on small trace data it would have already extensively explained why. Instead they failed these tests on the small trace data and Western elite media controlled the narrative and labeled them dopers and completely mischaracterized what Meldonium was.

Even though almost all these athletes were exonerated and did nothing wrong they suffered from these attacks.

If nothing else, afterward Russia should have called out WADA as a politicized organization who recklessy banned something and called on leadership to be removed and moved to another country. Even if those things didn’t happen Russia would be at least taking a stand and calling out WADA for what it has become.

Then Yuliya Stepanova and Grigory Rodchenkov left Russia when they got in hot water for their misdeeds and took a bunch of money from the Russophobia industry to lie about Russian sports.

Why was Russia not right away shouting from the mountain top that they were paid liars that were unscrupulous characters that had no credibility and were under control of the usual suspects in the Russophobia industry? If Russia would have been proactive they could have got the truth of these people out there and show that their word is worthless. Instead they are now being paraded around like Mother Theresa by WADA and the IAAF.

Then based on these peoples uncredible statements WADA said they would have an independent investigation led by Canadian Richard McClaren. How on Earth could an investigation run by a Canadian Russophobe be called independent? Russia should have objected right away said that this investigation is a completely political farce and that its clear the fix is in.

Sure enough, what happens. The “independent” report just dressed up Rodchenkov’s lies to make them seem factual and credible. Then based on this sham report WADA recommends that the entire Russian team be banned. Something that doesn’t even make logical sense.

Even before this report came out the heads of the Canadian and American doping agencies put out a letter saying Russia should be blanket banned from the Olympics. Again, something that makes no logical sense. Its just a vile political attack.

The IAAF is another sports federation that is run by major Russophobes. They made a ridiculous political decision to blanket banned Russian track athletes. Then made another ridiculous political decision to allow Yulia Stepanova, a doper whos being used as a propaganda asset, to compete. As well a Darya Klishina who trains in America. The only reason they made this exception for Klishina is because the IAAF is trying to sell the notion that theres no doping in America even though theres been an endless amount of American track athletes who failed doping tests.

They also kept saying that Daryla Klishina couldn’t compete under a Russian flag to try to further twist the knife in Russias back even though the IOC has repeatedly said that wouldn’t be the case.

Just like with WADA, why was Russia long ago not forcefully saying that the IAAF is a politicized organization and its leadership should be removed.

The IAAF blanket ban of Russian athletes then left them with the option to go to a CAS tribunal. This sham of a tribunal which is just controlled by people in this same apparatus ruled against the Russian athletes and were banned for no other reason than their ethnicity. One of the judges was American. One was British. The other was Italian.

Its like you couldn’t even make this up. How the hell were there judges from America and the UK selected and Russia didn’t shout from the mountain top that this was a politicized farce. So once again Russia gets caught flat footed and screwed over.

Hopefully now Russia has had its wakeup call and realize once and for all they can’t trust these people. Hopefully now the gloves are off and Russia realizes all its efforts of diplomacy and being the bigger man don’t work against a stacked deck.

Getting Russia banned from the Olympics is just the end of this doping political gambit. After this the next gambit will be the propaganda war on the 2018 World Cup.

Has Russia learned from the Sochi attacks and will now be more prepared at taking on the World Cup attacks? I hope so

Russia has to be more proactive in dealing with attacks on them. They need to anticipate attacks and be one step ahead. The days of trying to be the bigger man and getting caught flat footed need to end. The Western elite is waging a war on Russian sports. Its time to fight back.

Russia also needs to have a comprehensive strategy to take on Russophobia and the Russophobia industry more forcefully.

Russophobia is like the oil that allows this politicized engine to run. If you combat Russophobia it makes it harder to wage these attacks.