I have stated in the past that Russia should start an English language sports channel. As the Western elite wages an intense hybrid war in sports this has never been more true.

I see it as a somewhat similar strategy of having an English version of RT. The Western elite hates RT because it does not have to follow their talking points/lies. RT is able to present Russia in a realistic positive way instead of just pounding misinformation and hatred. RT is also able to cover stories that the corporate media isn’t allowed to touch.

What has been the result of this? RT grows in popularity every day and is the top destination for news outside of the Western elite echo chamber. RT has helped people learn about Russia, get to know Russian people, and break down their ridiculous misconceptions about Russia.

This type of news outside the control of the Western elite is what the people are craving. This is why RT is so popular. While filling this void in the marketplace RT has also helped grow the Russian brand and positivity for Russia.

I often say that the Western elite’s strategy of trying to demonize Russia so much is stupid. Its stupid because the more people learn about Russia the more they like it. People who have never even really thought about Russia before then become Russian supporters.

Theres very few people who after they learn about Russia have a worse opinion of it than before. Very quickly people learn that everything they thought they knew about Russia is just propaganda and misconceptions. They see that the people are friendly, they see the amazing culture, they see the beautiful cities, they see the amazing architecture, they see the support for Christianity and the family that America has lost.

So if this concept is so successful for news, why not do it for sports?

Russian sports in my opinion are awesome. Russian Premier League football, KHL hockey, the mens and womens basketball leagues (which have several American players), MMA, and various other sports. Personally I am hooked on all of this.

I started watching Russian sports about three years ago and have never looked back. Russian sports have a lot of positives over American sports. For example, they are much less commercialized. They also aren’t used to push liberal social agendas. Its also nice having sports come on earlier in the day because of the time difference.

The biggest network of sports channels in Russia is MatchTV. A suite of channels with top notch production values. What I envision is creating a channel called MatchTV International or some other name. At first it could just be made available online for free and then as time goes on try to get it placed in the channel lineup on the various cable and satellite providers.

Some of the Russian people that work for MatchTV speak English and some Westerners can be hired to do commentary similar to how RT functions.

What are the benefits of doing all this?

Sports is a great way of reaching people and uniting people. Theres really no easier way for people to get to know Russia than by sports. They learn about the people, the different cities in Russia, etc. Basically it puts a human face on Russia that the Western establishment will never show. Sports can be an effective weapon against Russophobia.

The Western elite is attacking Russian sports as part of a hybrid war. If more people get to know Russian sports, and Russia in general, it would make attacks like this less effective. All of these attacks are reliant on the ignorance and misconceptions fostered by the Russophobia industry. If Russophobia is reduced it makes it harder to attack Russia, not just in sports but in every way.

Sports in the West has become a tool to push liberal social agendas. Take for example the recent action of the NBA waging economic warfare on North Carolina for having a law not supporting genderless bathrooms. This type of ultra liberal agenda has become the norm in American sports. Its now just one non stop barrage of homosexuality, feminism, race baiting, etc. And its going to get even worse.

This social agenda in American sports is basically disenfranchising Christians and others with values. Even if these people might not fully realize it they are craving a sports experience that does not have this agenda. Russian sports can fill this niche. If nothing else Russian sports can provide a respite.

Lastly, there is no truthful coverage of Russian sports in the West. All news about Russian sports allowed in the Western establishment is put out by a handful of propagandists who hate Russia. This needs to change.

Russia needs to have a fully faceted plan of taking on the Russophobia industry and an English version of their sports could be a very effective weapon in that fight.