Just when you think the Western elite has hit a new low in the hybrid war against Russia they outdo themself.

The IPC, which is run by the British, illogically and disgustingly banned Russian Paralympians in a move that is completely against the Olympic Charter.

Are you starting to see a trend? IPC president is British. IAAF president is British. WADA president is British and mainly run by Canadians. I have been telling people for over two years that Canada and the UK were being used as hatchet men to mess with Russian sports. I hope people can now see I was exaxtly right.

Even I didn’t think they would sink so low to ban Paralympians. And the evidence they use to justify this is once again the biased McClaren report which did nothing but dress up the lies of a paid conman. More and more this has become like Colin Powell holding up the test tube at the UN.

In the coming months this whole political gambit will be fully exposed. I am willing to bet that by this time next year Phillip Craven, Seb Coe, Craig Reedie, will not be the presidents of these organizations.

I am also willing to bet that it will be exposed that the Stepanova’s and Rodchenkov’s have been paid large sums of money by the usual suspects in the Russophobia industry.

Perhaps the thing that irked me the most about this ridiculous IPC ruling is how the president of the Deaflympics (another Brit) jumped on the bandwagon and trashed Russia.

If you are unaware, Russia hosted the 2015 Winter Deaflympics. They really went all out hosting this event to make these deaf athletes feel special and give a great show. Heres the article I wrote about it at the time.

The 2011 Winter Deaflympics was supposed to be hosted in Slovakia but it was cancelled do to “organizational issues”. Probably a nice way of saying they didn’t want to host an event that was going to lose money.

Think about this, if Russia had not stepped up and successfully hosted the 2015 Deaflympics that event very well might have died. I don’t think it could have really recovered if they missed two in a row.

Basically what I am saying is that Russia pretty much saved the Deaflympic movement. They not only came through and hosted it they hosted it in a super high quality way.

I highly doubt the Deaflympics made Russia any sort of money. It probably lost a crap load a money. Its not like its that well known of an event and commands big sponsorship or TV money. Likely Russia lost thousands of dollars all just to help further the Paralympic movement.

And how does the British creep who runs the Deaflympics repay them, promote a bunch of lies about Russia and demonizes them. Well, I highly doubt the IPC or Deaflympics will see a penny out of Russia anytime soon.

The 2017 Summer Deaflympics is scheduled to be in Turkey and who knows if that will happen becuase of the unsafe situation there and economic issues. There is no host yet for the 2019 Deaflympics. I read rumors that Russia was going to bid for a future Summer Deaflympics but I doubt now they would waste the money on this.

A sports federation completely alienating Russia is not a smart thing because they have the money to host events, the infrastructure, and cities that are guaranteed to have snow.

This whole political attack on Russia in the end will boomerang and end up hurting the attackers more than Russia. In the short term its very disturbing to see just how low the attacks are getting and the unholy alliance between the elite and regressive left that carry them out.

More than ever its obvious a plan must be put in place to eventually have a sports apparatus outside the control of the Western elite. The Western elite’s actions simply are not compatible with the world outside their control.

Is banning crippled athletes the new low or can the Western elite sink even lower?