Western corporate media is in overdrive to present Yulia Efimova as some sort of doped up monster. Sadly many people have fallen for the naked propaganda in the hybrid war on Russian sports. Unless a person is informed and does independent research they simply won’t know the truth.

What really is the truth about Yulia Efimova.

In 2014 she failed a test for DHEA wich is an endogenus steroid hormone (not an anabolic steroid as usually reported). The DHEA she took was in an over the counter supplement at GNC. I believe she had run out of her usual supplements and bought this one without fully studying the ingredients.

Hardly an egregious mistake. But OK a mistake none the less. For taking this over the counter supplement she was given a 16 month ban. If anything that was way too harsh of a suspension.

She served her suspension and then came back at the 2015 World Championships.

Fast forward to 2016. WADA politically banned Meldonium without even having studies of how long traces last in the body. As I have said many times there is zero studies that show Meldonium is a PED. Its a pill(that is over the counter in Eastern Europe) that protects the heart muscle at high loads and said to have an affect of a Caffeine pill.

The reality is Meldonium lasts a long time in the system. WADA either didn’t know this because they had no studies, or they actually did know and this was their plan to smear as many Russians as possible.

Long story short WADA had to do a u-turn and admit that if a test was failed after January 1st on a small trace amount this is indicative that it was taken before it was banned and the athlete would be exonerated.

WADA, as politicized as it is, had to admit the obvious. They could not ban someone for doing nothing wrong without opening themself up to big lawsuits and investigations.

Yulia Efimova was exonerated. She took Meldonium prior to it being added to the banned list January 1st. By the way, Meldonium has existed for many years without being added to the banned list.

Then the next political gambit was the McClaren report which was just a dressing up of the lies of a discredited conman, Rodchenkov, and made many accusations with no real evidence. The whole goal of this report was to further harm Russian athletes and try to orchestrate a blanket banning as part of a hybrid war.

The IOC resisted this pressure that would have blanket banned 100’s of clean athletes.

The IOC in their ruling though included a peculiar directive. That any Russian that ever failed a doping test would be excluded from Rio. Its bizarre that they would put this in as the IOC more than anyone would have to know this is against the Olympic charter. You can’t have one rule for one country and different rules for anyone else.

The IOC likely just put this in without really think it through as they tried to appease some of the pressure from US and UK. The CAS, despite a history of being Russophobic, threw this ruling out.

The CAS ruled that the directive to ban athletes just from Russia who had ever failed a test was unenforceable.

Thus Yulia Efimova was finally cleared to compete. She had been put through absolute political hell this year for doing nothing wrong. Instead of being focused on training she had to attend stressful court proceedings a week before competing in Rio.

But Western media has continued their vile attacks on her and continually misinformed on her situation.

In the 2012 games Efimova finished 7th in the 100m breaststroke. In the Rio games, despite all the BS shes had to deal with and not being able to train properly, she finished 2nd.

The media though has billed this race as “American beats drug cheat Efimova”, “American beats Russian doper”. Just more naked propaganda. Why would Efimova even be billed as the person to beat when she had never won a Olympic medal in that event and was not at the top of her game.

Its just taking the opportunity to propagandize against Russia and trying to deceive people that Efimova isn’t clean. The reality is the Russian athletes are the cleanest in Rio. They have faced far more scrutiny and have been tested to death.

All the boos, all the hatred, all the ignorance coming out of people’s mouth is simply the effect of propaganda on stupid people. Its sad that its effective as it is.

Yulia Efimova took an over the counter GNC supplement two years ago. This is her big “crime”. This is what she did to be branded a “doper”, this is what she did to have people wanting to “ban her from the sport”.

You would think 16 months for this mistake was more than enough.

Also, by the way Efimova has lived and trained in the United States with an American coach for 5 years now. This makes the propaganda and hatred of her by Western propaganda media even more bizarre.

Do you think Western propaganda media will throw the same shade and hatred at Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin. Will they have wall to wall coverage of their rivals calling them drug cheats. Will the race be covered as “X beats American drug cheat”, “X beats American doper”.

No of course not. People need to wakeup and quit falling for propaganda. What you are seeing in this country is the unholy alliance between the elite who hates Russia for de-dollarizing and standing in the way of energy imperialism and the regressive left which controls the media that is obsessed with hating Russia for being Christian and supporting the family.

Yulia Efimova is clean. Get over it and stop being a Russophobic sheep.