This all started about four years ago as part of the Western elite’s propaganda war on the Sochi Olympics. The elite radicalized liberals to have an obsessive hate of Russia with misinformation about homosexuality.

Anyone that is at all informed knows homosexuality and homosexual sex is legal in Russia. That theres people known to be gay heavily featured on their television shows. That gay musicians like Elton John and Adam Lambert perform in Russia. That several United States lesbians play in Russia’s basketball league.

But what Russia did do is put the brakes on non traditional sex being propagandized to children with a law that has a fine similar to a parking ticket. Something that was largely enacted to put a lid on Soros type groups trying to attack their traditional values as a means of causing unrest(something that was fully exposed in the Soros hacked documents). This law passed in parliament over 400 votes to 0 and poll after poll shows well over 80% of Russians support it.

They stood up for values and the family at the exact right time. Meanwhile the West has gone gay crazy to the point of absurdity. Look at some of the developments over the last couple years. Activist judges shredded the Constitution to install gay marriage. The new fad is genderless bathrooms and economic warfare is being waged on a state for passing a law against genderless bathrooms. Homosexuality is being pushed aggressively into every facet of society, including heavily in sports, with a cultural hegemony scheme. Far left media companies are already softening the stance on pedophilia. And I could go on and on.

The ultra liberals in the West are sadly winning and this is making them more radicalized. If a person, company, or even an entire state shows any sort of Christian values or speaks against the liberal agenda and they are either fired from the job, put out of business, or subjected to economic attacks.

Its bad enough that the radicalized left ruined this country but now they want to use these techniques on entire countries. They want to demonize and harm foreign countries for not following their social agenda.

I cannot stress enough how reckless and stupid that is. These people try to use the same techniques of getting a bakery shut down for not making a gay wedding cake to try to hurt countries like Russia.

What you are seeing in the West is what I call the unholy union between the elite and the regressive left. The Western elite hates Russia for not being controlled by Western bankers, de-dollarizing, and standing in the way of energy imperialism. Western liberals hate Russia for being Christian and standing up to the Neoliberal social agenda.

Basically Western liberals are being useful idiots. They do not understand that by attacking Russia they are just in bed with bankers and warmongers, the exact people they are supposed to be against. But they have been so brainwashed to think that destroying Christian society and the traditional family will create a utopia that they can’t see beyond the end of their nose.

All they can see is that Russia is Christian and because of that liberals think they should be harmed in every way. The same way they try to harm someone here for being against gay marriage.

Do you think people like Mark Tewksbury and the rest of liberals that dominate Western sports know anything about Russia? All they know about Russia is the ridiculous propaganda and misconceptions that scumbags like Soros feed to them with a spoon. These people are obsessed with trying to harm Russia and they wouldn’t even be able to name four Russian cities.

This obsession has lead to the support of the hybrid war on Russian sports. As I pointed out in a recent article anyone that exhibits any sort of Christian or conservative values has been purged out of the Western sports establishment. What is left is a bunch of far left liberals. Liberals that hate Russia for being Christian.

It is these type of people who have all top positions in organizations like WADA, IAAF, European Athletics, IPC, etc. It is these type of people who completely control Western sports media. These are the people behind the ridiculous orchestrated political attack on Russian sports.

And thats what this whole doping gambit is. Its pure politics by people who are using sports as a geopolitical weapon for the elite out of their radicalized hatred of Russia. These people are forever poisoning international sports with their stupidity.

In their mind they think if they can harm Russian sports it then harms the Russian government. I know it sounds stupid but this is what they think. In their desperation to harm Russia for being Christian it leads to a lot of reckless actions. This is why these people are absolutely obsessed with banning clean Russian athletes.

In their mind if clean Russian athletes were blanket banned from Rio this would have been some big win “against Putin”. This is how dopey they are, they want to hurt clean athletes all to stick it to Putin. This is the mindset of Americans, Canadians, British in the establishment. Its not hard to find these people on Twitter and see how much they are obsessed with trying to harm Russia. These are the three countries behind the hybrid war on Russian sports. Its all a bunch of godless idiots who shouldn’t be anywhere near sports.

It seems like everything they do to Russia from trying to discredit sports to economic terrorism is all with the goal of hurting Putin’s popularity. All this has done is raise Putin’s approval rate to over 80%. People in the West don’t realize it because of propaganda but hes the Russian Ronald Reagan. Hes the most popular successful politician in modern times and attacks on him just make him more popular. Prior to the all out hybird war on Russia Putin’s approval rate was around 57%.

All these attacks on Russia are not going to harm them or demoralize the Russian people. They are happy and like their society. It reminds me of that movie the Grinch that Stole Christmas. The Grinch thinks he can harm the people of Whoville and it will destroy their spirit. But at least the Grinch eventually realized its not possible. Western liberals are too stupid to catch on.

Part of this desperation to harm Russia and Putin is to demonize anyone deemed close to him or a supporter of him (which is almost everyone in Russia). And this is where attacks on people like Yelena Isinbaeva and Pavel Datsyuk come from.

They are Christians that support Putin and this somehow in the mind of the radicalized left gives them a green light to attack and try to harm them. Amazing selfless Christians who are true leaders with a spotless record are dismissed as “homophobic” by the Western liberal establishment.

This is why Mark Tewksbury has a bug up his ass about Yelena Isinbaeva being voted into the Olympic athletes commission. Mark Tewksbury’s attack on Yelena Isinbaeva demonstrates everything I am saying in this article. This is the type of person that now dominates the sports establishment of the Western countries. The typical regressive leftist homosexual obsessed with attacking anyone that goes against their goofy liberal agenda.

Mark Tewksbury attacked Yelena Isinbaeva like he would attack someone for not supporting genderless bathrooms. What the hell does this have to do with sports?

Russia is a largely Christian country. If you don’t like it, tough. They aren’t changing and absurd attacks on them is not going to change anything. Replace Russian with Jew and it would be evident what these people are doing is essentially hate crimes and spreading ethnic and religious hatred.