Despite WADA and the USADA being completely exposed as politicized and corrupt organizations the vicious attacks on Russian sports continues.

First it was the Meldonium gambit. Then the first McClaren Report which was designed to try to get Russia banned from the Rio Olympics. Then when that failed they settled on banning the Paralympians which only took the decision of one British guy.

Then WADA put out yet another edition of the McClaren report to further politically attack Russian sports. Its more of what was to be expected. Canadian Richard McClaren dressing up the statements of a very sketchy paid off criminal as facts. Recklessly casting large nets of guilt with no real evidence. “Evidence” that would be destroyed by a good defense attorney in court.

WADA, the USADA, and other Western sports bodies attack Russia for three reasons. 1) Its part of an overall hybrid war to attack all things Russian. Part of this is pushed by the elite. Part of it is just morons who see sports as a way to “stick it to Putin”. 2) WADA is demonizing Russia to try to get more funding and control. This is a similar tactic of the defense industry when they lie about things such as “Russian aggression” to get more funding. 3) By painting Russia as these horrible dopers it deflects attention from US and other Western doping.

The latest FancyBear hack reveals that after Russia was not banned from Rio the USADA and Canada’s CCES had a fit and sought to wage a coup of sorts against the IOC. They call it “Project Olympian” and in the email by Travis Tygart he talks about using athletes to petition against the IOC.

This project seems to be ongoing as they are using athletes in a similar way to try to disturb the hosting of sports in Russia this Winter.

The biggest event Russia was to host this Winter was the Bobsleigh World Championship in Sochi. Travis Tygart focused on this event because it was the most prominent and they want to try to sully the Sochi name. So the relevant parties manipulated Western athletes to call for a boycott.

One of the loudest voices for this was Kyle Tress a US Skelton athlete. One look at his Twitter and you can see he is the typical liberal that hates Russia, Putin, Trump. Liberals like him in the West have a hardon for Russia because of standing up for Christianity and the traditional family.

These people try to attack Russia like they would attack Chic Fil A. Its extremely dangerous and stupid. But they think if they attack Russian sports its sticking it to Putin and sticking it to them for rejecting the gay agenda. Then to further that hate they have been worked up with constant lies about Russia helping Hillary Clinton to lose.

This climate has then allowed Travis Tygart to use these athletes as useful idiots to attack Russian sports. One of which is Elana Meyers. A veteran Bobsleigh athlete I used to have at least some respect for. On her Instagram she posted a whole script of propaganda that I highly doubt she wrote. It was loaded with lies, fearmongering, and absurd conspiracy theories. She even said she was fearful of Russia tampering with food in Sochi. Absolutely absurd allegations.

From there the attacks on the Sochi Bobsleigh event snowballed with more US and UK athletes saying they were going to boycott. The IBSF then gave into this orchestrated pressure and decided to move the event. They did it out of fear that boycotts would ruin the unity of the sport. But by giving into Travis Tygart’s scheme it has set a horrible precedent.

Now all it takes is a handful of Western athletes worked up with anti Russian hysteria to be useful idiots and get an event moved. The IBSF should have stood firm and said theres no basis to move it and that the concerns are not valid. If some of the Western athletes boycotted who cares. Let them fall on that sword. If they realized these attacks would fail they would stop them.

Travis Tygart’s plan worked because of the weakness of the IBSF and the duping of Western athletes who are worked up by the McClaren report propaganda. Now Tygart is moving onto trying to attack a Biathlon event in Russia.

If you notice though, Travis Tygart and company are only targeting the most marquee events or events that Russians care the most about while ignoring others. For example. Last weekend was a womens ski jumping world cup event in Russia. Why didn’t Tygart break out an elaborate political scheme to get that moved??

Trying to attack Winter sports hosted in Russia is like pissing up a rope. The reality is Winter sports federations need Russia to survive. Russia provides sponsorship funding, hosting of events, and guaranteed late Winter snow which gives stability to the yearly calendar by having end of season events in Russia.

The reality is Russia hosts International sporting events all the time. Practically every week, every sport you could think of. Yet in the attack on the Sochi Bobsleigh event they try to act as if Russia hosting an International sporting event is some kind of anomaly. Not to mention that numerous Americans play in Russia’s hockey and basketball leagues. Nobody really talks about that though because it doesn’t fit the propaganda agenda.

The Western elite telling so many lies about Russia and pushing so much anti Russian propaganda is fostering ethnic hatred. Western liberals hate Russia over Christianity and the family. Then on top of that they are being pounded with lies about hacking and lies about what is really happening in Syria.

I have seen liberals on Twitter, including liberal “journalists”, literally calling for rallies to burn the Russian flag. This is the end result of propaganda on stupid people. It can make them very dangerous. Look at how Obama has continually incited racial division with the same type tactics. What has been the end result of that? Black Lives Matter people murdering numerous police officers.

With the constant attacks on Russia, more and more I see Western liberals acting insane in their manufactured hate for Russia. I have a growing concern that these people strongly see sports as a way to try to hurt Russia. As a way to get revenge for imaginary offenses. As a way to “stick it to Putin”. As a way to harm Russia for standing up for Christianity and the family.

These people blindly believe every lie about Russian sports without even thinking to question it. Because they want to believe it. They want to hate Russia and anything negative about Russia is music to their ears.

Here in America there is anti Russian propaganda 24/7. The lies about Russia in Western media are endless and encouraged. How can it not radicalize some people when so many in this country are completely ignorant and just swallow every lie they are spoonfed.

I have stated in the past that Russia should stand up to these attacks much more firmly. They are sticking with the plan though of being the bigger man, being diplomatic, and just letting the attacks boomerang back. This isn’t a bad strategy and that is working to some degree. Sensible people know that the war on Russian sports is all a political gambit that you can’t take at face value. But heres the thing, the attacks are not stopping.

The US, UK, Canadian sports establishments have gone from petty political gambits like banning Meldonium to using athletes to directly witch hunt Russian athletes and attack events in Russia by putting pressure on sports federations.

Wetern athletes with a conscious need to stand up and speak out against the witch hunt that Travis Tygart and Paul Melia are orchestrating. What they are doing is spreading ethnic hatred with lies in their sick ambitions to hurt Russia. The things they are duping athletes into saying about Russia is disgusting propaganda.

Liberal morons like Kyle Tress who are worked up with anti Russian hysteria can not be allowed to poison sports and witch hunt athletes.

At some point you would think that the Western elite would stop attacking Russian sports. The more they carry on these petty attacks in their hybrid war on Russia the more radicalized people see Russian athletes as a target.

If there is ever physical attacks on Russian athletes the blame should go directly to where it belongs. People like Travis Tygart, Paul Melia, Craig Reedy, Richard McClaren, Seb Coe. As well as people in the Western elite propaganda press like Rebecca Ruiz from the NYTimes who have a big hand in witch hunting Russian sports.

Despite WADA and the USDA being exposed they have not reformed at all and nobody has lost their job. How long will this cast of characters be allowed to forever poison International sports with their desperation to stick it to Russia. People need to hold them accountable before its too late.