Rossiya Sport is an American run sports website that is the only Western sports site that covers Russian sports in a truthful way.

About Rossiya Sport

Welcome to Rossiya Sport! “Rossiya” is how Russia is pronounced in Russian language. In sporting events this is what you will hear Russian people chanting.

Rossiya Sport is an American site about Russian sports that will be mainly editorials that correct the lies and misconceptions about Russian Sports put out here in the West.

As you are no doubt aware of the Western elite is waging a propaganda war against Russia.

The main reason they are doing that is because Russia got away from being controlled by the Western banking cartel and is leading the way to get away from the dollar and petrol dollar.

Any country or leader that does this is made into an enemy by the Western elite.

They then put into action their massive propaganda operation of the corporate media and the various 5th column organizations.

And this is where we are at. Literally every word about Russia now in the West is a blatant lie. This has also spawned a lot of useful idiots. Western liberals especially have been duped to have a hate of Russia because they are very easily pandered with lies about social issues.

The end result is between the paid liars and the useful idiots there is a non stop stream of untrue information about Russia.

These people simply do not understand that their lies just support sleazy global bankers, warmongers, frackers, GMO’s, etc. All the crap these people are supposed to be against.

On the plus side the more they try to negatively publicize Russia the more it increases their support in the West because once people do some independent research they learn about Russia and see it in a positive light. There are many Americans like myself, especially Conservatives and Libertarians, who stand with Russia for many reasons. From their support of Christian values, to how they are taking on the Western elite bankers.

Its up to honest Americans like myself to speak up and tell the truth.

So I decided to make a difference and start this site. Taking time out of my schedule for no monetary gain to do the right thing. Tell the truth. Something a lot of people here in America forgot to do.

I could have started a purely political site but I find that largely a depressing subject. Instead I realized I could make a difference focusing on sports, something I love.

As we saw with the Sochi Olympics, the Western establishment did everything possible to harm them. A two year propaganda campaign of non stop lies. Even going so far as to cheerlead for Islamic terrorism. The reason they did that is because they are afraid of more Westerners developing positive feelings for Russia.

They realize that the more Westerners are exposed to Russia the more we learn everything we are told about Russia is lies and misconceptions.

Even a year later I still see article after article about Sochi which contain nothing but lies. This was one of my main motivating factors to start the site.

The other reason is I am beginning to see the propaganda apparatus put in place to try to harm the 2018 World Cup.

Magically Western propagandists are starting sites and social media to trash Russian sports. Does this make any sense to you? Why would someone who hates Russia start a website about Russian sports? Who is their audience, other people who hate Russia and don’t watch Russian sports?

The point I am getting at is they are nothing but propagandists and these guys are on the payrolls of the various scummy Soros funded NGO’s and corporate press. Their mission is to harm Russia and to try to tarnish their World Cup.

The only news you will find in the West about Russian sports (or Russia in general) is by people who hate Russia. They only care about making Russia look negative and don’t care if they have to lie to do it.

There is no truthful voice to counteract the lies. I will do my best to counteract the lies and cover stories that they won’t touch.


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